What should we do when disaster strikes?

by Nov 24, 2015

How can we respond to disasters when they unfold, as indeed they have most recently with the terrible attacks in Paris; but also in the future, either in the form of so-called “man-made” disasters or otherwise?

Politicians today are promising to redouble their efforts and debating the best way to deal with terrorism – specifically the threat of ISIS – and we can all have an opinion about that.

But our question to ask is: What can we do? And what should we do when these situations arise?

One human body

It’s a little bit like when we damage a part of our body – cut a finger for example – the rest of the body comes together to respond immediately to heal and make us whole again.

Whenever one of these situations unfolds – and we can no doubt anticipate more in the years ahead – what we need is a tremendous outpouring of love energy from the whole of humanity coming together, to transmute and heal that situation, but also to go out to those who have brought this inhumanity in the first place.

This outpouring of love is the best possible way – and the most natural way – that any of us can respond.

When these things arise we are in shock. We’re in pain. We want to do something that will make a difference. We want to respond.

One way to do this is through prayer.

This is what The Twelve Blessings is all about – sending out spiritual energy with Love.

What is prayer?

Many people aren’t familiar with what prayer really is, or how to practice it. Prayer is a technique with which you can transmit energy from yourself to the focal point of that prayer.

A good way to begin is by just expressing what’s in your heart, preferably when you’re alone so you don’t feel self-conscious, raising your hands in front of you, palms facing outwards, and just allowing your love to flow out as you do so as naturally as possible.

As you become more comfortable doing this you will find that the practice of The Twelve Blessings, as taught by Master of Yoga Dr. George King, is an amazing way to harness your highest aspirations and your love in order to send this out to – literally – transform the negative energy that has brought about this situation in the first place.

Not only will doing this benefit those to whom we direct the energy, and inspire those leaders debating what to do, but it will also benefit you because you will know that YOUR love energy has directly helped in this situation.

You may even begin to physically feel this energy following the simple steps that Richard Lawrence outlines in his earlier post, as you become more and more effective with your prayer.

When disaster strikes…

When disaster strikes we can immediately respond by sending out our love energy with as many people as are inspired to come together as a single human body.

The Twelve Blessings brings together a proven technique, given by a Master, with our own love and feeling, through the focus and intention of each of the prayers, which also elevate us to a Cosmic source so that we can become a channel for that energy which can uplift and raise the consciousness of our world.

In support of those first responders, aid workers and volunteers who do essential, demanding and dangerous work, we can all do this – and we all should do this – when disaster strikes.

You’re invited!

We host online Twelve Blessings services every weekend on Saturday at 5:30pm Pacific Time, and Sunday at 5:30pm British Time.

Tune in as we come together as one human body and pour out our love energy to a world that so desperately needs it. It really does.

It is a fact that a few really dedicated humanitarians, working alone, can do much good for humanity. But bring these together in a common spiritual purpose and they can save the world.

– Dr. George King, from The Nine Freedoms

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