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Richard Lawrence – blog

Richard is the Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society for Europe and a Bishop in The Aetherius Churches. He has devoted his life to the work of his master and personal friend, Dr. George King (1919-1997), who founded the Society. He has been described as “a world-renowned teacher of psychic development and meditation… with a balanced and responsible spiritual approach.” [Spirit & Destiny] Read about Richard’s first experience with Dynamic Prayer.

Paul Nugent – blog, online services

Paul Nugent has lectured on The Twelve Blessings for over 20 years – on television, radio, and at universities, churches, and other venues. He has been a Director of The Aetherius Society in America since 2001 and was a close personal assistant to Dr. George King. Active in interfaith, he also serves as vice-chair of the Southern California Committee for the Parliament of the World’s Religions. Watch Paul talk about the opportunity every one of us has when disaster strikes.

Paul's story

When I came across this spiritual practice and teaching in the mid-1980s, I was already an active Christian having recently read and been very moved by the four Gospels. However, I also studied with deep interest and appreciation the eastern philosophies and was introduced to the New Age community of Findhorn in the north of Scotland where I spent two very enjoyable periods. In all that experience, however, it was The Twelve Blessings I could not ignore.

Once I accepted the possibility that this same Jesus of the New Testament had spoken through Dr. King in 1958 (the year of my birth), I opened myself up firstly to what the Blessings were saying and then, later, their practice.

I was not prepared for the spiritual power I could feel passing out through my hands in prayer. This, when coupled with both the purity and profundity of the message, caused me to know beyond all doubt that here was something that could not be ignored. Moreover, it addressed the most critical question of how to be of very direct spiritual action in the world. From that day to this, I have never looked back.

Mark Bennett – blog, online services

Mark is a Priest in The Aetherius Churches. He is the co-author of two books, both of which he wrote with international bestselling author Richard Lawrence, namely Prayer Energy and Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels, which was voted “best book on spirituality 2007” by readers of Kindred Spirit magazine. He is the youngest International Director of The Aetherius Society, whose teachings he chose as his spiritual path at an early age. Watch Mark discuss the truth about prayer.

Mark's story

I first read The Twelve Blessings in my mid-teens. It interested me a great deal and I asked advice on what I should read next.

“Have you practiced The Twelve Blessings rather than just read it?” I was asked.
“No…” I replied, rather gormlessly; it had never occurred to me.
“Well try practicing the Blessings before you read any more…” I was advised.
I rarely follow advice, but – thank God – in this instance, for some unknown reason, I did.

Perhaps a part of me knew deep down that it was the right thing to do, or perhaps it was just naïve curiosity, or perhaps both – I don’t know.

I had never had any psychic experience of any kind, and was completely insensitive when it came to anything like that. Until I started practicing The Twelve Blessings.

After doing the practice just a few times I became aware of certain chakras and my aura. The sensations were so pronounced I mistook them for something physical, in the normal sense of the word, and wondered what was going on. This could not have been a psychosomatic experience, because it had never occurred to me that I would experience anything at all, and I had no understanding of it when I did.

Some 20 years later, I can honestly say that some of the greatest spiritual experiences of my life are, without doubt, thanks to the unique and colossal power of The Twelve Blessings. To say that I recommend them would be an understatement. I would go as far as to say that life would be incomplete without them – and with them, life is, in one sense, more complete than I could ever have imagined or even hoped.

Alyson Lawrence – online services

Alyson is a Bishop in The Aetherius Churches and an International Director of The Aetherius Society at the European Headquarters in London. She was a devoted follower of Dr. George King during his lifetime, and has lectured in several countries and written articles on many and varied metaphysical topics. She is also an experienced teacher and trainer in dynamic prayer.

Alyson's story

My interest in philosophy started when I was still at school and my search for Truth lead me to The Aetherius Society. As soon as I started reading The Nine Freedoms a flash of light illuminated my room and I knew immediately that this was the Path to ultimate Truth that I had been seeking. Everything else in my life paled into insignificance after this momentous experience and soon after that I had the privilege of meeting Dr. King at a public lecture while he was over in London. I knew from then on that I would follow him for the rest of my life and came into the heart of The Aetherius Society.

I always carried a copy of The Twelve Blessings with me so that I could constantly refer to the beautiful words of The Master Jesus. Every time I opened the book I would see myriads of tiny sparks of gold, purple and white emanating from its pages, such was the high vibration of this beautiful Mystic Teaching and Practice.

Lesley Young – online services

Lesley Young is a Bishop in The Aetherius Churches and an International Director of The Aetherius Society at the American Headquarters in Hollywood, CA. She is also the Chief Financial Officer. Lesley moved from England to Los Angeles to serve by Dr. King’s side and was his secretary for over 20 years.

Chrissie Blaze. Author of 8 books, including Power Prayer and Deeper Into Love

Chrissie Blaze – online services

Chrissie Blaze is an experienced radio host with her own monthly show, “On the Edge with Chrissie Blaze”, and is an international speaker who has taught prayer and intention as a powerful method of global and personal healing to many thousands of people. She is author of eight books, including Power Prayer (co-author, Gary Blaze; Foreword by Marianne Williamson), and Workout for the Soul. Her latest book is Deeper Into Love about which bestselling author Lynne McTaggart said: “In this beautiful and inspiring book, Chrissie Blaze lights our way toward a new world and a new humanity. Deeper Into Love reveals exactly how love is the most potent of alchemies, healing and transforming in the process.”

Chrissie's story

I knew from a young age that I was searching for something extraordinary. Even as a child I did not want ordinary things which seemed to dull the senses and I would often shed tears at the thought of what seemed to be a meaningless, materialistic existence. I sought something higher; inspiration, love and peace and the joy that, at this point in my young life, evaded me – despite having a wonderful, loving family. What kept me going in my search was that I knew there was something out there that would make a profound difference to me and our world. I didn’t yet know what it was.

As many seekers before me, I spent years studying religious philosophies, theosophical literature and profound metaphysical tomes. As if by magic or design, as is so often the case on a spiritual quest, people, opportunities, books and teachers come along when least expected. I was just 16 when I was handed a slim, blue volume entitled The Twelve Blessings. I turned it in my hand and felt a rising excitement. This was my moment; the initiation into enlightenment and Truth that I had been seeking! I knew it from the deepest place within my soul without even reading one word. I knew my life had changed forever for the better, from that one moment in time.

I have now practiced The Twelve Blessings regularly for over forty years and even now, when I perform this beautiful mystic practice, I often experience a new revelation or feeling. I have found that not only is The Twelve Blessings so relevant to this Cosmic Age, but also is the essence and the core of my spiritual practices. It brings me sustenance, strength and inspiration when the world around is cold and dark. It brings me love, hope and faith; it brings me joy, as well as a certain protection that I have needed on several occasions, both on this physical realm and even on the subtle realms.

More importantly, even than our own inner strength and peace, is the future of our world. The Twelve Blessings reveals its sacred mysteries through the language of direct action. These wonderful Blessings illustrate how we can use the practical wisdom within its pages to unfold our soul’s highest potential and help transform the world through our love in action – the song of our soul – prayer.

Gary Blaze – online services

Gary Blaze first met Dr. King when he visited Detroit in 1974, and by 1976 Gary was in Los Angeles where he remained as a close student of Dr. King until his passing in 1997. In 2008 he returned to the Michigan Branch along with his wife, Chrissie, to help to expand and support the spiritual legacy of their Master. He is an experienced healer, popular healing instructor, an international teacher and practitioner of the spiritual sciences and the deeper Yogas. He also physically studied with Chinese and Tibetan teachers who taught him their approaches to healing, consciousness and energy (qi) work, QiGong, giving him a unique approach in the world of healing and natural therapies.

Gary's story

The Twelve Blessings have been an integral part of my regular spiritual practice since 1974. It has been my constant companion, source of inspiration and strength, helping my in a myriad of ways, through the valleys of hardship, to the heights of spiritual experience, and along the razor’s edge of karmic experience.

I have also found that it represents to me a complete path of spiritual development, as it contains teaching on the Yogas of Bhakti (Love) Gnani (Wisdom) Raja (the Royal Path) and Karma (Service).

As much I could say about The Twelve Blessings and my experiences with it, I believe that while it can be talked about, intellectually analyzed, and discussed, its real power only is found it its sustained practice. In this way this reminds me of the opening lines of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching;

“The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth.”

In other words, any attempt to define the Tao (Absolute) as good as any description may be, can only limit it, once it is confined within the realm of words. In the same way, the real power and wisdom contained within The Twelve Blessings isn’t found in glowing accolades. I believe that it can most effectively be revealed to the seeker through its regular practice, personal study and contemplation.

I use to think that if The Master Jesus appeared before me, extended His hands and offered me sacred wisdom and a powerful spiritual practice, would I accept it and take it to heart? I feel certain that we all would, and The Twelve Blessings is this gift. The question is, will we accept it and make it a living part of our lives?

Vivien Gibson – online services

Vivien Gibson is a priest in The Aetherius Churches in London. Her life was transformed by the visionary philosophy of The Twelve Blessings which, on first hearing in the early 1970’s, she instantly recognised as truth. She was a devoted follower of Dr. King until his passing in 1997. She ran The Aetherius Society’s Inner Potential Centre for 12 years and has taught on metaphysical topics, including prayer, healing, and spiritual development, since her twenties. She is a qualified reflexologist and color therapist.


Rowland Asinobi – online services

Rowland Asinobi is a Priest in the Aetherius Churches. He has been a member of The Aetherius Society since 1967, and has been practising The Twelve Blessings Blessings for over 45 years. He has travelled to Nigeria several times to lecture about The Aetherius Society and its cosmic teachings, including The Twelve Blessings, as well as the King Technique for spiritual healing. He has also spoken several times at various Mind Body Spirit Festivals throughout the UK. He is an engineer by training and has a keen interest in many aspects of metaphysics.

Rowland's story

An elderly metaphysician who was not an Aetherius Society Member asked me to purchase a book called The Nine Freedoms and I did. I later came across The Twelve Blessings too, which I found unique and profound. One night I was practising The Twelve Blessings with all my heart and could clearly see white light around my outstretched right arm. The energies were so strong that I could hardly sleep afterwards.

Using the The Twelve Blessings during a visit to the holy mountain Holdstone Down in Devon I experienced strong spiritual energies which lasted several hours.

Even during services at the George King Chapel at Aetherius House in London flashes of light have been witnessed by myself and many attenders, such is the power of this practice.

Nikki Wood – online services

Nikki has been practising yoga since early childhood. Her intense desire for Truth finally led her to the teachings of The Aetherius Society. She met Dr. George King in the early 1970s and, intuitively recognising him as her Master, remains an active dedicated follower to this day. For over 40 years she has been an enthusiastic advocate and practitioner of The Twelve Blessings. She is a Priest in The Aetherius Churches and works full-time at the Society’s Headquarters in London.

Nikki's story

I was fortunate to have started my journey into yoga philosophies and metaphysics at a young age. In fact I was only three years old when I was introduced to yoga, so it has been an integral part of my whole life.

Throughout my childhood and teenage years I had a burning desire to find the real meaning of life, the truth behind our very existence. Eventually, my many questions were finally answered when I attended a lecture held by The Aetherius Society in 1971, where a selection of Transmission extracts was played.

The booming voice of Mars Sector 6 froze me to my very core – this was it! This is what I had been looking for. This was Truth! The Nine Freedoms was my first book, which I hold dear to my heart, and is still my personal favourite.

But when introduced to The Twelve Blessings, this was different. My heart and soul were touched by the beautiful and gentle words of The Master Jesus, for here was a dynamic way in which I could start to be of service to God. Here was a practical way in which energies beyond our limited imaginings could help our suffering world, and even more than this, we can actually send our prayers of love and blessing to the Mother Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy and beyond!

I truly love practising the Twelve Blessings, each time is always like the first time but even better. I cannot enthuse enough about the regular practice of these Blessings. They need to be personally experienced for words are not sufficient to describe the inner peace and feeling of spiritual accomplishment in knowing that we are helping others and our world through real love in action – prayer!

Noémi Bates – online services

Noémi Bates is a keen believer in spiritual development and her inspiring and dynamic approach have made her a popular lecturer and workshop leader. She has been a healer – using the King Technique, taught to thousands of people around the world – for many years, and is passionate about helping others through healing and prayer. She has also been practising pranayama for many years – a system of breathing exercises devised by Dr. King, which she demonstrates on Richard Lawrence’s Realise Your Inner Potential DVD together with other spiritual practices. Noémi is a Priest in The Aetherius Churches.

Noémi's story

I came across The Twelve Blessings almost twenty years ago and have been practicing it ever since. When I first heard the voice of The Master Jesus as he delivered one of the Blessings, I was taken by the purity and the beauty of it. My heart was filled with love, a feeling which I fail to put into words, but one which has to be experienced.

The Twelve Blessings to me is an expression of true love, which is above individuality. Love which has no boundaries but embraces all. For me it’s also an appreciation of the Great Ones who over the centuries have helped us in our struggle to make our way back to the Divine Source. The more effort and concentration I put into this holy practice and the more feeling with which I say each Blessing, the more potent it becomes. Almost like spiritual dynamite ready to be exploded in the ethers to flood our world with love and light. I find it liberating to know that we all have the ability not only to help ourselves, but more importantly, to help others through this beautiful practice.

Valerie Perry – online services

Valerie Perry is a priest in The Aetherius Churches in London. She has been a Member of The Aetherius Society and a close follower of Dr. King since 1964. Valerie has been a popular presenter for several different spiritual development workshops over the years, especially pendulum dowsing. Valerie also managed The Aetherius Society’s Health Food Shop for several years.

Valerie's story

The performance of the Service of The Twelve Blessings has been a very important and special part of most of my life. As a family we climbed many of the Holy Mountains in the UK during all our holidays and Kinderscout every week and performed this sacred practice as well as other prayers given by the Master Jesus. All four of us discovered around the mid sixties for ourselves, in our own way, that they did indeed work magic and I thank God for finding The Aetherius Society when so young!

The teachings are so educational, inspiring and liberating and to know how to help in a world of turmoil and ignorance is so very wonderful. We CAN make a difference and are doing so!

Tanya Solberg – online services

Tanya is a Priest in the Aetherius Churches at the New Zealand Branch. She is also an enthusiastic lecturer and workshop presenter and believes firmly in the power of prayer to give healing and upliftment to all.

Elizabeth Martin – online services

Elizabeth is a Priest in the Aetherius Churches at the New Zealand Branch. She is deeply committed to the concept of Service and the power of prayer energy being sent out to the world to help heal, uplift and inspire all those who need it in these days.

Julian Rosser – online services

Rev. Julian Rosser is a Priest and full-time staff team member at the European Headquarters of The Aetherius Society in London. He has been a regular presenter on the Mystic FM podcasts series.

Ashima Hui-Keneipp – online services

Ashima was born and raised in Hong Kong, and later moved to Canada where she became a Member in 2002. She joined the Staff Team in 2007, and in 2011 moved to the American Headquarters of The Aetherius Society in order to fulfil her burning desire to help the world. Ashima is passionate about sharing how to heal the world, especially through The Twelve Blessings, and is known for her sincere, patient and thorough approach to teaching others. Ashima is a Priest in the Aetherius Churches.

Zascha Brésilley – online services

Zascha has been an ardent devotee of spiritual practices since early childhood and is known for her enthusiasm in teaching others. She is an experienced instructor, avid spiritual healer and passionate exponent of the power of prayer for world healing. Zascha is an ordained Minister in The Aetherius Churches.

Zascha's story

I’m one of those very blessed souls that didn’t need to go on a search – in this lifetime anyway – for the mystic truth and practice of The Twelve Blessings. I recognised it instantly as such at around age 6 when I was joining in with services with my mother at our little Johannesburg Group in South Africa. I was never forced to go – I WANTED to participate.

As soon as I heard the voice, the essence, the energy behind the words of that Master of Love, the Master Jesus, uttering the beautiful Twelve Blessings, I just knew that this was IT! This was real. This was powerful. This was Truth. Even though I didn’t necessarily understand the words, because I was so young, nevertheless it was the feeling, the Love energy that resonated with me from practising The Twelve Blessings which gave me the inner realisation that this was my path, that this was true, this was helping others and the Mother Earth. And I’ve not looked back. It’s transformed my life.

And this will transform your life too. Not in surface, meaningless ways but you will feel a lasting freedom and joy building within. Through the radiation of your Love energy through this mystic practice, you not only greatly help heal the world and bless those higher beings that sacrifice to give us all experience, but you help raise and heal yourself. Your perspective on life changes. When I feel stressed, it gives me that balance and harmony. When I feel down, it gives me that upliftment that I need. When I’m going through times of difficulty and trial, it puts perspective on my troubles and makes me appreciate more of my blessings. Your heart and soul are literally liberated with regular practice.

It is the practice of love. It is the practice of healing. It is the practice of peace. It is the practice of gratitude. It is the practice of bravery and strength. It is the practice of self and world transformation. I am so blessed to have found this jewel of Light.

Simon Thode – online services

Simon is a Minister in the Aetherius Churches at the New Zealand Branch and has been a member of The Aetherius Society since 1988. Ever since his days as a law student spiritual subjects have been of great interest to him. He is married with two adult sons. He is a presenter, healing coordinator and instructor.

Carol Medway – online services

Carol Medway is a Minister in the Aetherius Churches. She has been a devoted follower of Dr. King since she met him in the 1970s, a meeting which inspired her to move to the American Headquarters in Hollywood, CA. She has run the spiritual healing sanctuary for many years and is currently the Coordinator of the Distant Healing team – providing spiritual healing to people in need around the world.

Lisa Rosser – online services and weekly inspiration

Lisa is a Minister and full-time staff team member at the American Headquarters of The Aetherius Society in Hollywood, CA. She is very passionate about helping the world and is a strong believer in the power of prayer. Lisa sends out weekly inspirational emails about the Twelve Blessings.

Bipin Patel – online services

Bipin Patel is a Minister and full-time staff team member at the Northern UK Branch of The Aetherius Society in Barnsley. He is the Branch Organizer and is dedicated to helping to heal and uplift humanity. He is deeply interested in guiding spiritually-minded people to realize their inner potential through the teachings and practices of King Yoga.

Livia Patel – online services

Livia is a Minister in the Aetherius Churches at the Northern UK Branch, and has been a member of The Aetherius Society since 1998. She is keen to promote the teachings and practices of King Yoga, and is part of the team dedicated to helping newcomers with their practices in the Awakening Through King Yoga Facebook group.

Darren Ball – website development

Darren graduated from United World College South East Asia and Brown University. He has been a member of The Aetherius Society since 2011, and a member-initiate since 2015. He has dedicated himself to bringing The Twelve Blessings, and the path of King Yoga to the world.

Darren's story

I would like to personally thank Richard Quezada, a dear friend and fellow Member of The Aetherius Society for his inspiration in creating this opportunity for people everywhere to come together in Twelve Blessings services, especially in times of acute need.

I too believe in a world in which ordinary people reclaim their spiritual birthright to act in the light of God knowledge with the extraordinary powers of the Soul.

For those people who resonate with the message of spiritual service, The Twelve Blessings gives us the opportunity to take a stand against those forces arrayed against humanity’s progress, which are mighty but nothing in comparison to the I AM within each and every one of us.

Take heart, if you like, from the words of JRR Tolkien in his ‘Riddle of Strider’:

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crown-less again shall be king.”

Mark Tassi – video production

Mark is a photographer, teacher, cyclist, raw food enthusiast, musician and occasional traveler living in LA.

Mark's story

I first heard of The Twelve Blessings in July of 1986 during an interview on a Philadelphia talk show. I simply had to have the book but it wasn’t until the early morning hours of August 29, 1986, that I felt I was finally ready and did read it. I read the book four times that week.

At the same time, I introduced The Twelve Blessings to a friend of mine who started using it as a practice right away. His testimony inspired me. After about two weeks of regular practice myself, the energy started to flow. I could physically feel it. It was real, tangible, undeniable. And as this personal practice of The Twelve Blessings grew, I grew. Vistas of experience that I’d never dreamed of opened before me. Great streams of energy poured forth from hands that I’d never realized were capable of such.

The more I practiced, the more powerful the practice of The Twelve Blessings became. The results were so profound that I found The Twelve Blessings to be a vital aspect of my life, like the air we breathe or the water we drink.

I felt compelled to practice. I felt compelled to do more and in 1994 I did do more. We started a Twelve Blessings Group in New Jersey, which still exists today. Eleven years later, in 2005, I moved to Los Angeles to be nearer to the organization which propounds this magnificent practice and teaching.

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