Try it for yourself

Some people experience the real power of spiritual energy the very first time they perform The Twelve Blessings.

It is completely free and can be done in just a few minutes. All you need is an open mind and a genuine desire to bring about positive change in the world.

It is up to you how much time you choose to take with the practice. It could take as little as a few minutes, or as much as an hour – or even longer.

You can also tune in to a live online service of The Twelve Blessings with people from all over the world every Saturday at 5.30pm Pacific Time and every Sunday at 5.30pm British Time, or play archived services at any time.

Watch how to do it

Read how to do it

Prepare yourself

• Sit with the back straight and the hands face downwards on the knees. Close the eyes.

• Make the breath long, deep and even, with the mouth closed.

• After a few moments, think down to the Mother Earth – the living Goddess beneath our feet – and request from her, in humility, her Violet Flame to flow up through your body and aura, high above the head. Really visualize yourself filled and surrounded by this great spiritual, psychic fire.

• Now think upwards above the top of the head and visualize a scintillating white light flowing down into the brain, charging every cell of the brain, flowing down through the neck, through the shoulders and out into the heart chakra, which is a few inches in front of the breastbone outside of the physical body. Visualize this chakra filled with the whitest light you can possibly imagine.

• Also visualize this white light coming down through the head, the neck, shoulders into the arms and out into the chakra in each palm.

The correct hand position for prayer: raise your hands so they are roughly parallel with the top of your shoulders, palms facing forwards, fingers together.

• Now raise the hands so they are roughly parallel with the shoulders, facing forwards in front of you, fingers together. (See picture to the left.)

Perform the practice

• You are now ready to recite each of the headings (e.g. in The First Blessing, “Blessed are they who work for peace.”) and prayers (e.g. “Oh Mighty Father of all Creation…” etc) of the Twelve Blessings in turn. Download a PDF of the headings and prayers from The Twelve Blessings.

• While you are doing this, visualize the white light flowing through the heart chakra and the chakras in the palms of the hands out to the focus of each blessing, e.g. in the first blessing – “They who work for peace”. Try to put as much passion into each word as you possibly can. You don’t have to be loud but you do have to really mean each word.

• During the prayer, if there is one, follow the meaning of the words and direct the white light accordingly. 
In order for any prayer to work you have to really mean it. The more you mean it, the more it will work.

Close The Practice

• When you have finished the practice of the Twelve Blessings brush the right palm over the left away from yourself just once. This serves to seal the energy flow and helps you to detach from the practice you have just performed.

sealing mudra

The correct way to perform the sealing mudra when you finish practicing The Twelve Blessings.

Listen to how to do it

Listen to our guided practice of The Twelve Blessings (12m 31s).

Doing The Twelve Blessings with other people is even more powerful.

In metaphysics, a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Practicing The Twelve Blessings together with others at the same time is more powerful than doing it alone. Be part of our online services every weekend!

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