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Dr. King wrote many books and gave many lectures on spirituality. They are an amazing opportunity for any seeker.

A small selection of titles has been included below. You can find many other books, lectures and Transmissions available from The Aetherius Society online store, as well as third-party stores like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Kobo.

The Twelve Blessings Book

This is the full text of the original Blessings and Prayers as given by the Master Jesus in 1958 through Master of Yoga Dr. George King.

Purchase The Twelve Blessings online from The Aetherius Society as a beautiful gold-colored hardback book (US$16.95/GB£14.99), or as an eBook (US$9.99/GB£7.49) from any of the following stores:

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Also available in Spanish: Las Doce Bendiciones (US$9.95/GB£9.99), and German: Die Zwöelf Segnungen (US$16.95/GB£14.99).

The Twelve Blessings Lectures

By Dr. George King

In this inspiring series of lectures, Master of Yoga Dr. George King shares with us his unique understanding of the countless sacred truths and remarkable revelations contained within this extraordinary series of spiritual teachings.

A must-have for any serious student of The Twelve Blessings, this 8-CD album is an in-depth study of the subject of each Blessing (e.g. The Mother Earth, The Mighty Sun, The Supreme Lords of Karma, The Galaxy) as well as the practice itself and the mastery of prayer.

Listen to this album on Aetherius Cloud – our audio streaming service. Get started with a 7-day free trial.

“All my life I was searching for Truth… I bought The Twelve Blessings the first time I heard Dr. George King speak… I read it that night…and I knew I had found Truth.” – Edna, Michigan

The Twelve Blessings Transmissions

Listen to the original recorded transmissions of The Twelve Blessings as they were given by the Master Jesus, in his overshadowing of Master of Yoga Dr. George King in 1958.

Entirely unadulterated and uncorrupted with even the intonation with which Jesus spoke unchanged, these holy words and their tremendous energy offer an experience tantamount to an initiation.

These recordings make up a 14-CD album, which also include three other Masters who played a role in giving The Twelve Blessings to mankind.

Listen to this album on Aetherius Cloud – our audio streaming service. Get started with a 7-day free trial.

“The first time I heard one of the Blessings for myself I knew it was the voice of the great Master of Love, Jesus. No one had to tell me who it was. It was as though a part of me instantly remembered that voice from long ago and the love and power it carried.” – Rodney, California

Realize Your Inner Potential
through the path of spiritual service – King Yoga

By Dr. George King with Richard Lawrence – Third Edition

– Discover the lasting peace which can only come from realization
– Use ancient yoga breathing to awaken the mystic force of kundalini
– Open the door to concentration, contemplation and meditation
– Develop your intuitive and psychic abilities
– Enhance your healing powers for others and yourself
– Learn the secrets of dynamic prayer and mantra yoga
– Realize that service is the key to enlightenment in the New Age

Purchase the book online (US$12.99/GB£9.99), or purchase the eBook (Second edition only) (USD11.00/GBP7.00) from any of the following stores:

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“I have read almost a hundred books on self or personal development. Realize Your Inner Potential is by far the best. I use almost all of the practices in this book on a regular basis… If you are looking for a book to teach you how to reach Enlightenment, this is the book for you…” – Humphrey, United Kingdom

Prayer Energy

By Richard Lawrence with Mark Bennett

The perfect introduction to the power of positive prayer.

Thoughts are things… Everything we think affects the world around us, as well as our own lives.

Exploring a wealth of traditions and outlining Dr. King’s brilliant technique of dynamic prayer, this beautifully-illustrated new hardback, by international bestselling author Richard Lawrence co-written with Mark Bennett, reveals a profound connection between positive thought and powerful change.

Included are over 30 of the most inspiring, uplifting prayers from the world’s many cultures and faiths. Arranged in themed chapters, there are prayers for peace, travel, compassion, healing, and many more. Some of these prayers may be familiar, others, new to you; but all will help inspire powerful, positive change.

Prayers for guidance, healing, and wisdom for everyone, whether your faith lies in God, the Universe, Mother Earth, the All-that-is, or Divine Creator.

Purchase the book online (US$16.95/GB£12.99)

OFFER: Anyone purchasing this book will also receive a free copy of A Book of Sacred Prayers, by Dr. George King.

“It leaves the confinement of religious dogma behind to bring a respectful and insightful view on prayer in which the most important ingredient is love.” – Paradigm Shift

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