The Twelve Blessings

The Twelve Blessings are a series of teachings given in 1958 by the Master Jesus through the outstanding trance mediumship of Dr. George King.

Each of the Twelve Blessings:

– is given to a group of spiritual workers, e.g. “They who work for peace,” or advanced cosmic intelligences, e.g. “The Mother Earth.”
– is introduced by an Ascended Master known as Saint Goo-Ling.
– consists of profound insights by the Master Jesus into the nature and significance of the focus of the Blessing in question.

Most of the Blessings have a prayer afterwards. In fact, the whole of The Twelve Blessings can be used as a powerful mystic practice to invoke and send out spiritual energy.

What are the Blessings?

1. Blessed are they who work for peace

Described as the “backbone of modern civilization,” those working for peace are absolutely essential to our progression on Earth. It is obvious that war is contrary to spiritual evolution and must cease for the New Age to be brought about.

2. Blessed are the wise ones

True wisdom is an extremely rare quality on this planet. Those who are wise give vitally important teachings to others, and simply by the power of their thought pattern, they constantly radiate healing energy to those in need.

3. Blessed are they who love

When the Master Jesus talks about love, he does not mean emotion or even affection, and certainly not possession. The love spoken of in this Blessing is the unconditional desire for all life to be risen up to realize its Divinity, and then putting this desire into action in whatever way necessary.

4. Blessed are the planetary ones

These are the extraterrestrial intelligences who have left the bliss of their own advanced cultures on other planets, and chosen to live on Earth in order to help us. This is a tremendous sacrifice and act of true selfless love – as demonstrated by the Master Jesus himself.

5. Blessed are the thanksgivers

Gratitude has a great power. This Blessing refers to those who give thanks to the spirits of nature who control the weather and so forth. This helps to create and preserve ecological balance.

6. Blessed are they who heal

Spiritual healing is at the heart of true Christianity and can be learnt and practiced by anyone. It is not based on faith, but on the control and direction of spiritual energy.

7. Blessed is the Mother Earth

The Mother Earth is such an advanced intelligence as to be worthy of the title “Goddess.” She is more significant to the cosmic whole than everyone on Earth put together, and yet she makes the tremendous sacrifice of limiting herself to her current physical form purely so that we can live here.

8. Blessed is the mighty Sun

The Sun is an even greater intelligence than the Earth, and we are constantly dependent upon its radiations for survival. The Master Jesus tells us that it is the closest thing to God in our concept of manifestation.

9. Blessed are the supreme Lords of Karma

Karma is a natural and universal law that governs everyone and everything in creation. The Lords of Karma are those unfathomably advanced intelligences behind this.

10. Blessed is the great being known as the Galaxy

The galaxy is a living intelligence of which we are all tiny parts.

11. Blessed are the supreme Lords of Creation

These are the intelligences who manifest the will of God that the universe should exist. They are so elevated that part of them is not even in manifestation.

12. Blessed is the Absolute

The Absolute is God seen as the essence of all things – the creator of the universe and every single part of the universe. There is nothing outside of it because it is quite literally everything. Its name – Brahma, Jehovah, the Divine Source or whatever – is irrelevant – and it is certainly far greater than the old-fashioned conventional view of God as an old man on a cloud.

There is also a final Blessing, known as ‘The Last Blessing’, which was given by Dr. King himself to the Master Jesus.

Visualize white light flowing down through the head, down and then out through the palms and the heart chakra.

How do I perform the practice of The Twelve Blessings?

The Blessings can be practiced by raising the hands as shown in the picture, and visualizing white light flowing down through the head, down and then out through the palms and the heart chakra – outside of the physical body a few inches in front of the breastbone.

The light should be directed by visualization and intention to the focus of the Blessing and the prayer. You can do just the heading and prayer, or you can read out the whole of each Blessing, or listen to the amazing recordings of the Blessings as given by Jesus through Dr. King.

The technique is explained in more depth on our TRY IT! page.

Experience spiritual energy.

Watch, read or listen to our guided practice of The Twelve Blessings.

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