Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy is the most important energy in existence. It is a power that is entirely scientific but as yet defies scientific understanding on Earth.

It can be invoked and directed simply by the power of thought – in an easy way that anyone can learn and put into use. It can even be physically felt – often with minimal practice and experience!

It brings about a rise in consciousness in both the individual who is directing it, and the target it is directed to.

Most (if not all) problems on Earth would be solved if there were a mass rise in global consciousness. With such a rise, greed could not exist, therefore there would be no poverty. Hatred could not exist, therefore there would be no war. And so on.

Practicing The Twelve Blessings is one of the most powerful ways of directing spiritual energy on Earth – and thereby changing the world for the better.

Prana is life. Love is the one energy of the cosmos.

What is spiritual energy?

Spiritual energy is prana directed by love.

Prana is known by different names in different cultures. In Japan it is ki; in China it is qi or ch’i. It is also similar to the Greek concept of pneuma; and the Hawaiian concept of mana. In the West it is sometimes termed “universal life force” – which describes its attributes of being present everywhere and literally being the force of life throughout creation. In fact the simplest definition of it is simply: life itself.

It is the force which brings potential into manifestation. Correct use of prana will therefore enable us to realize our inner potential, and help others to do the same.

Love is the universal energy of the cosmos. It is the energy of creation, preservation and transmutation. All spiritual goals must be rooted in love in order to be realized.

Love in this sense is not a personal feeling of affection, much less possession. In fact, it is almost the exact opposite. It is an unconditional desire to help all life. The defining characteristic of true love is: sacrifice.

Here is an exercise you can try.

The correct mudra (hand position) for prayer.

How can we use spiritual energy?

Spiritual energy has to be allowed to flow freely in order to work properly. That is why technique is very important when using this energy.

Try this exercise:

1. Sit still with your eyes closed and your back straight.

2. Close your mouth and breathe deeply through the nose.

3. Visualize white light entering your body through the nostrils as you breathe in, and visualize it filling your whole being as you breathe out.

4. When you have done this for a little while, visualize white light coming down through space and entering the top of your head, then down into your brain, neck, shoulders, chest and ultimately pouring into the heart chakra – a point in space in front of the breastbone a few inches in front of the body.

5. Next, visualize the brilliant white light flowing down through your arms and out into your hands.

6. Raise your hands with your palms facing outwards in front of you, roughly at the same height as your shoulders (as in the picture).

7. Visualize the scintillating white light coursing out of the palms and heart chakra – like water flowing through a river.

8. Visualize the light going to a part of the world in dire need, such as a warzone.

9. See this area filled with light. Don’t see the place as it is – but instead as it could be: at peace with the population filled with spiritual inspiration.

10. Try to really feel compassion for those suffering in this area.

11. Carry on with the visualization for as long as you can.

12. When you have finished, brush your right palm over your left palm away from you. This serves to seal the energy flow.

This practice will be empowered by the activation of a belief in a Divine Source.

God is all.

What is God?

God is not an old man on a cloud who likes some people and hates others. He does not feel jealousy, seek revenge, smite or punish. In fact, he is not a “he” at all…

God is all. God is the creator of the universe, and the universe itself. God is the essence of all life – including you and me – and is the governing force behind all life. All natural laws – whether termed scientific or spiritual – are God.

It does not matter what we call God – Brahma, Divine Father, Jehovah, Great White Spirit etc. These are all just words describing the same thing. Likewise, God does not care what religion you are. It is what you do that counts, far more than what you believe or what Church you do or do not go to.

God is the source of prana – universal life force – because God is the source of all things.

The more energy that is radiated, the greater will be the result.

What is prayer?

Prayer is regarded as little more than a superstition by many, because its true nature has been distorted by those who do not understand it.

In essence prayer is:

a) a mental request of the Divine Source for prana
b) which the person praying then conditions with love, and
c) radiates outwards by intention and visualization to a specific target, e.g. world peace.

To some extent, this process will happen in all people who pray, even if they have no understanding of the metaphysics behind the process. However, a conscious awareness of what prayer really is, coupled with the simple technique given above in ‘How can we use spiritual energy?’ will greatly enhance the power of the prayer.

The more effort we put into prayer the greater the quantity and quality of spiritual energy will be – and therefore the more successful the prayer will be. The more energy that is radiated, the greater will be the result. You cannot fill a reservoir with a single cup of water and nor can you create world peace by a single prayer. But every prayer that is said will make a difference.

Action and reaction are opposite and equal.

How does karma fit into all this?

Karma is the natural law that action and reaction are opposite and equal. As you sow, so shall you reap. What goes around comes around.

Karma should not ever be regarded as punishment. It is exact and impersonal, and has but one function: to guide all life through spiritual evolution back to the Divine Source from which it came at the beginning of creation. This of course takes many lives.

Karma is exact at any given moment, but can be changed over time. The more good we do, the more we advance, and the more favorable our karmic pattern will be – individually and globally. This means we will learn life’s lessons more quickly, which may not always be easy, but will ultimately lead us to enlightenment.

Radiating spiritual energy – in a purely unselfish way – will bring about very positive karma in your life.

As well as to spiritual workers and the world as a whole, The Twelve Blessings also includes radiating spiritual energy to great spiritual intelligences, because of all that they have done for us. This will also help to balance and improve individual and global karma.

Experience spiritual energy.

Watch, read or listen to our guided practice of The Twelve Blessings.

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