The Master Jesus

The Master Jesus was not the one and only son of God. Jesus is an advanced extraterrestrial intelligence.

This idea may seem an extraordinary one – laughable even. But it is only extraordinary because it is unfamiliar. On logical scrutiny, the idea that Jesus came from another planet is in fact far less extraordinary than the idea that he is the one and only son of God – an archaic myth still accepted by millions of Christians even today.

The star of Bethlehem was of course not a star; a star could not lead people to a stable and then hover over it. The Star of Bethlehem was an extraterrestrial spacecraft – which could easily lead people in a specific direction and then remain stationary, pinpointing a specific building.

“We have indeed outgrown your Earth and have gone on to a higher plane of material existence…”

What is extraterrestrial life really like?

The Master Jesus comes from a higher frequency of vibration of the planet Venus.

If NASA were to send a spacecraft to Venus tomorrow, they would most probably find no trace of intelligent Venusian life whatsoever. Venusian civilization is so advanced as to exist on a totally different material plane. Life there is physical, but not as we know it. Our technology is not yet advanced enough to detect life of this kind, and probably won’t be for hundreds of years.

The inhabitants of Venus live in complete harmony and freedom. They have no disease, war, old age, crime, national boundaries or financial system. They have advanced beyond the petty squabbling and vicious savagery that are commonplace on Earth, and have attained a stage of evolution where they are all masters of the spiritual sciences. Each and every one of them has attained a degree of enlightenment as yet physically impossible for us on Earth, where they literally know God. In other words they are one with the Divine Spark within.

This means they have great powers, which on Earth would seem miraculous, but are in fact perfectly natural – just nature on such a high level as to be unfamiliar to us. To them things like telepathy, clairvoyance and levitation would be part of daily life.

They also have great knowledge, and more importantly: great wisdom and great compassion. It is this compassion that motivates them to help us on Earth.

The Master Jesus is not the only extraterrestrial intelligence to have been born on Earth.

Are extraterrestrials born among us?

One of the many ways that our interplanetary neighbors have assisted us is by being born among us.

Some 2000 years ago, a small part of the consciousness of the Master Jesus was born in an ordinary human body on Earth. His brain was just like anyone else’s, but his consciousness itself was very different. It would have been much more limited than it was on Venus, and we do not know when exactly Jesus would have realized his extraterrestrial origin. However, limited or not, he was still, from a spiritual point of view, vastly superior to any Earth person.

Nevertheless, he would still have had to work hard to gain his miraculous powers. This he did through the practice of the higher forms of yoga, which he is presumed to have learnt on his largely undocumented travels prior to his main mission as recorded in the Bible. Yoga, of course, in its highest sense, is not just physical exercises for health and fitness, but a profound system of self-development leading to the mastery of psychic powers and cosmic consciousness.

Jesus did not save us from our sins.

Why did the Master Jesus come to Earth?

While on Earth the Master Jesus gave mankind profound teachings and demonstrated advanced feats of yogic power – commonly referred to as “miracles.”

These teachings, backed up by his powers, undoubtedly had a significant effect on mankind’s outlook – introducing and empowering concepts of pacifism, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy, purity and compassion at a particularly barbarous and decadent period of our history.

However, this was not the Master Jesus’s main mission.

At that time the karma of mankind as a whole was so bad that it demanded a major catastrophe that would have set our “civilization” back several thousand years. The Master Jesus was able to intervene, averting this catastrophe. He could not make the bad karma disappear, because that is impossible, but he was able to delay it.

It is a little like a financial debt. Imagine you (=mankind as a whole) owe $100,000 (=the bad karma of mankind), and suddenly you are asked to pay the whole lot back in one go (=the catastrophe). It would bankrupt you, and it would be very hard for you to get back on your feet financially speaking (=civilization set back several thousand years). But if someone (=an advanced Master) came along and said: “I will pay the debt (=take on your bad karma), and then you can pay me back in affordable instalments…” – then you would not be bankrupt, and you could continue your life earning money and paying off the debt (=going through spiritual evolution so that you could transmute the bad karma yourself over time).

The way the Master Jesus took this karmic debt upon himself was by his crucifixion and death. He was not tricked into being arrested and sentenced to death – he saw the whole thing coming, and acted in order to ensure this outcome. In this way he tricked evil forces into unknowingly being the very instrument of his whole mission to Earth. This is a brilliant example of positive magic: taking something very bad, and using it for great good.

By his resurrection he demonstrated the initiation of Ascension. Ascension is the stage we will all reach when we have mastered all the lessons that reincarnation upon Earth can teach us. After the initiation the physical body is virtually immortal and does not age.

The Master Jesus then remained on Earth for several hundred years – and in spirit has never left us.

One of the greatest teachings Jesus has given is The Twelve Blessings.

Does the Master Jesus still care about mankind?

Yes, definitely. The Master Jesus will do whatever he can to help humanity, but the law of karma prevents him from intervening as much as he might otherwise wish to.

He has spoken to Earth on a number of occasions through the trance mediumship of Dr. George King, giving spiritual teachings specially geared towards the issues facing mankind at this time.

One of the greatest teachings he has given is The Twelve Blessings.

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