7 tips to make your prayers work better

by Oct 20, 2015

by guest blogger Mark Bennett, co-author of Prayer Energy

There is a tendency to believe that all we have to do to make our prayers work is say the right words, and then it’s up to God.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

How effective our prayers are depends on how well we perform the practice of prayer.

This is because prayer is not a supernatural appeal to a whimsical God – it is an invocation of spiritual energy from the Divine Source.

This energy is no less real than an energy like electricity, and there will come a time when science will be able to detect and measure this energy.

The first step is to use a prayer technique that will make spiritual energy flow freely through us. The best technique that I know of is that taught by Dr. George King described on the Getting Started page.

In this blogpost I will share with you my experience of how you can make your prayers even more effective, using Dr. King’s amazing prayer technique and benefiting from his remarkable insights into how prayer really works.

1) Say it with real feeling

Always say your prayer with as much feeling as possible. To do this you need to understand what the prayer means, and focus on the significance of every word when you say it.

For example, when you say: “Oh wondrous God” – really concentrate on the fact that God is truly wondrous. Concentrate on what is actually happening – you are addressing your supreme creator.

This is something that should inspire you, and fill you with awe and appreciation. You are literally having an audience with God – and if that’s not worth all your concentration, then I don’t know what is!

2) Believe in it

It is impossible to pray in the correct way and not to invoke spiritual energy. Always remember this.

If you are saying: “Let your love flow through the hearts and minds of man now” – love really will flow through you and out into the hearts and minds of man. This a thing of immense beauty – and something that is completely true.

3) Light & shade

Often, in my experience, beginners need to pray loudly in order to be dynamic. This invokes a greater quantity of energy than they would otherwise invoke.

Just like in ordinary life we are louder when we are more dynamic – perhaps cheering for a sports team, screaming in pain, or shouting with rage. This is like that in some respects, but the dynamism is being put to a very different, much more positive, purpose.

Over time, as a general rule, prayers should become quieter – but without losing any of the dynamism achieved through volume. This quietness adds a sense of subtlety of realization and spiritual refinement, and consequently increases the quality of the energy.

A good technique is to alternate your volume within a single prayer, in order to achieve both greater quantity and higher quality of energy.

4) Give it your all

Think of the thing you feel most passionate about in your life. Your greatest love. Think about how powerful that feeling is. Then make your prayers even stronger than that. If praying for world peace isn’t worth 110% of your effort, then what is?!

5) Allow the energy to flow

Prayer takes effort – and the more effort we put in, the better the result. But, at the same time, we want to avoid undue tension, physical and mental, which will actually inhibit the flow of the energy. Regular physical exercise and deep breathing will help with this.

6) Remember to visualize

Sometimes we get so absorbed in the words that we forget to visualize. Visualizing the brilliant white light flowing through us, bringing about a fantastically positive result, will really empower our prayers. See the world being filled with light – visualizing mankind living in true peace and harmony, radiant with spiritual joy.

7) Improve yourself

The more we perform spiritual practices, and the better we lead our lives in general, the better will be our ability to be a channel for spiritual energy. This is a big subject and will be covered in more depth in a future blog!

The better we pray, the better the results will be, because the energy we invoke and transmit will be of a greater quantity, and a higher quality.

This gives us a greater responsibility to ensure that our motive for prayer is always truly unselfish and spiritual in nature.

If we do this, our karma will improve – and more importantly we will be making a genuine difference to the world.

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