An experiment with the power of prayer – parts I & II

by Mar 22, 2015

In my last post I told you about an experience that I had at University, which set me on the road to dynamic prayer and The Twelve Blessings.This week we’re going to try an experiment with two willing cooperators, Pete and Noemi, who are both very experienced with The Twelve Blessings but, perhaps like yourself, have never done this particular exercise before.The idea is to help everyone to realize the reality of the power of prayer, and the reality of the universal life force which flows throughout the cosmic system and can be invoked by YOU.We’re going to see as we film it whether it works and what effect it has. This is something you might want to try at home with somebody who is open minded and willing to do this with you.Watch the video for the experiment and the results!

This is only an experiment of course because we really want to send the energy out to the world. Nevertheless it is a beautiful experience – and you can better understand what energy you are sending out when you perform prayer.So, whether you have practised dynamic prayer before or not, if you do have someone of a like mind who is eager to try this with you let us know what you experience in the comments below.YOU can experience the power of dynamic prayer, not as a matter of faith but as a matter of fact.

Don’t have anyone that you can do this with?

Here is something you can do instead.This exercise is one you can do alone so that you can start to feel, as the real force that it is, the power of prayer. This is a technique taught by Dr. George King many years ago in his ground-breaking healing book You Too Can Heal, so that spiritual healers could test the power in their different palms and increase their magnetism.Experience the real power of this energy that you can channel!

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