What it takes to be a good medium

by May 27, 2018

Excellent mediums are outstanding in terms of both the spiritual content of the messages they can receive and their degree of accuracy in conveying the original message. Master of Yoga Dr George King is one such example.

In this week’s extract Dr King talks about the topic of mediumship, and specifically what it takes to be a good medium.

Full lecture available here: https://www.aetherius.org/shop/levels-of-consciousness-spirit-world-2/

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” … in all types of communication through a medium, unless this medium has had at least, I would say, if they are normal terrestrials, several lives of strict discipline, then you have very, very poor type of communication with any guide.

“You have something like, depending on the personality of the medium, but generally about 75% of the medium and 25% of the guide. Unless they have had strict training.

“Any medium who has had 10 to 15 years strict yoga training in this life, before they were ever interested, or before they ever started communication, you may get 50-50.

“In some cases you may get 25% medium and 75% guide; in some cases.

“There have been rare cases at odd times when you’ve got about 98% guide and 2% medium. They are very rare. They are pretty special people. But it has happened. It has happened on a few occasions. Not very many.

“Another thing to note, too, is that a very evolved guide could not use a medium unless they were themselves very evolved. This is strange but true.

“It is strange to the average person. To the metaphysician he can easily understand it. [If] a very evolved guide was to try to get his thought impulses through the average brain, (25% of which is operating, 75% of which is almost dormant, 35% of which is almost completely dormant, 20% of which is dormant – as far as brain tissue goes, as far as thinking ability goes), such a guide would do physical damage to such a medium.

“So, in order, and this is strange, for any medium to bring a guide through who may be a Master, that medium would at least have to be an Adept.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

Note: An Adept is someone who can raise the Kundalini in full to the throat center.
Note: A Master is someone who can raise the Kundalini in full to the Christ center (3rd eye).

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