The Gospel according to the Master Jesus

by May 8, 2015

The Sermon on the Mount – according to The New Testament

At the very heart of traditional Christian teaching is the so-called Sermon on the Mount. According to the Gospel of Saint Matthew, Jesus delivered this to his disciples on a mountain. They would not have been able to write it down as he gave it – in fact it is possible that none of those present were literate.

This lengthy discourse would have had to be committed to memory and then passed down orally, possibly for decades, before it was put in writing. There is no suggestion that either the disciples or those they taught had the faculty of perfect recall, as was claimed in Vedic times for example, so it is inevitable that a number of errors must have crept in.

There is then the process of translation from one language to another, e.g. Aramaic Greek to Latin to seventeenth-century English. As it passed through various documents, there would be plenty of room for further mistakes both in determining the exact meaning of certain words and in transcribing them correctly.

Most corrosive of all was the direct and deliberate interference in Christian teachings by the politically-motivated Councils of the early Church. Who knows what alterations they might have made to whatever documents came under their purview? Sadly this leaves us with a Sermon somewhat different from that which was originally spoken on the Mount.

An extension of the Sermon on the Mount – The Cosmic Concept

How different is The Twelve Blessings from this.

It has been described as an extension of the Sermon on the Mount and, as such, is a far more advanced teaching revealing the cosmic concept which is so needed at this time.

Dr. George King – a superlative medium and metaphysical genius

Even more than that it is accurate, for which we are eternally indebted to the great western Master of Yoga Dr. George King, who perfected his mediumship to such an extraordinary degree. His ability to enter Samadhi at will guaranteed two results: rapport with the gods themselves and phenomenal precision. And this began sixty-one years ago today, when he became Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel on May 8th, 1954.

He did something else with The Twelve Blessings too. Applying his metaphysical genius to this Teaching, he turned it into the practice we perform.

Not only did he receive these holy texts, he taught us how to practise them from his knowledge as an expert in cosmic energy in his own right.

I believe the Master Jesus knew, when he chose Dr. King as the channel for these sacred transmissions, that he would do just that.

The Twelve Blessings – The Gospel according to the Master Jesus himself

Over the centuries an inaccurate version of the Sermon on the Mount has been taught by the Christian Church as a philosophy and not, for the most part, as a practice – the only exception being the short passage in it known as The Lord’s Prayer. Having said that, to many it has been an expression of their belief in God which must be respected.

But now we have something which is much greater, far more practical and, unlike the writings of the New Testament, accurate. For this is the Gospel according to The Master Jesus himself – and we can now hear it as well as read it. So let’s prepare ourselves to listen to the following short extract from this holy Gospel.

With Blessings,

Richard Lawrence

The Twelve Blessings 'Transmissions'

Listen on CD to the original recordings of The Twelve Blessings as they were given by the Master Jesus, over 12 consecutive Sundays, in his overshadowing of Master of Yoga Dr. George King in 1958.

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