The unique mediumship of Dr. George King

by Mar 8, 2017

In this week’s video, international bestselling author Richard Lawrence gives us a deeper appreciation of the two crucial aspects that distinguish Master of Yoga Dr. George King as one of the most exceptional mediums in history – fit for The Twelve Blessings and some 600 other Cosmic “Transmissions”.

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There are two big things with mediumship, I feel.

The first is the level you’re able to attain. In other words the level of communicator you are able to channel – or bring through you.

And the second is the, shall we say, the accuracy; the perfection, if that’s the word, or the degree of perfection, of your concentrative powers while you do it. So there are two things.

So you could have, for example, an extremely accurate medium in theory who isn’t able to get a very high level of communicator. And they would tend to focus on perhaps… people – loved ones of deceased relatives and this type of thing, but they could do it very accurately. It might even – probably be more lucrative for them but I’m not suggesting that’s their motive.

Now in the case of Dr. King, he did both. He absolutely honed it down using his mastery of Kundalini and his mastery of the psychic centres into a method, which I think is beyond any concept of mediumship that I’ve encountered.

Now I do some mediumship, which compared to Dr. King is… it does not even compare to Dr. King… it’s so lowly by comparison. But I know, even from my limited experience – I’ve been doing it for a long time actually – but I know that it’s very difficult. And there are some people who think it’s quite easy but it’s very difficult to be absolutely spot on and accurate and distinguish between your own thoughts… There are ways of doing it but you’ve got to, I believe, really concentrate and work extremely hard to make sure that you’re receiving what is being delivered to you, whatever method you’re using to do that.

Now, in Dr. King’s case, he went to the purest method I’ve ever heard of, which is to receive directly a beam – a thought beam – from those who were communicating with him.

He could identify that beam, apply it to a particular psychic centre, and then it was automatically, as it were, translated by his own brain. This way he avoided any interference.

So you have as pure a channel and as elevated a channel – those two things, in one medium – as the world has ever seen.

This series features international bestselling author Richard Lawrence, Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society for Europe. Learn more about Richard.

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