What is the true meaning of “Ascension”?

by Feb 1, 2017

What does it really mean to be successful?

In this week’s video, international bestselling author Richard Lawrence cuts through the confusion surrounding Ascension to share with us its true meaning as taught by the great Master of Yoga Dr. George King.

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The person who is going to gain Ascension must have mastered the highest known state – Cosmic Consciousness… at will and only used it through lives when necessary.

I was thinking about what “real” success is because so many people talk about success and they think of financial success, emotional success, family success, career…

Of course, real success is Ascension.

That’s when we’ve really succeeded on Earth, because when we’re able to Ascend then we’ve learned all the lessons that life can offer us on the basic physical world, as it were, and we’re able to – as they used to say – escape the wheel of rebirth because we don’t require it, we don’t need it.

And again, I must refer you to The Nine Freedoms. The Sixth Freedom is, I think, the greatest exposition on Ascension that I know of anyway.

It’s not a unique term at all to The Aetherius Society or any organization. It’s very widely used and I think it means different things to different people. Some people have a much more lowly idea of Ascension if you like. They see it as some kind of initiation but not a total release from the need to reincarnate and overcome the requirements, if you like, of going to the other realms, being reborn, living and then dying, perhaps coming back as a different sex or certainly a different religion, different race, in order to learn all these different experiences.

The person who is ready to Ascend is somebody who has mastered Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Consciousness is the highest state of being. It’s beyond even meditation. It’s beyond even enlightenment. It’s beyond mind – in essence. And that’s when one really amalgamates with Divinity, as far as one is able to on this planet anyway.

But that actually isn’t enough.

That itself has to be mastered at will.

It has to be rejected, having been gained, and then attained only when it’s necessary.

That’s one thing I noticed with Dr. King. Here is a master – a very great master – who had really, before he got the command to start The Aetherius Society and years before The Twelve Blessings, had mastered yoga; had entered Samadhi at will, and could have then gone on into a sort of blissful life really bathing in the light of his attainment.

But I noticed that he only entered these advanced states of meditation when it was necessary for his mission.

That is total control. He used it in service. He entered Samadhi in order to get The Twelve Blessings – or receive The Twelve Blessings – because he had to raise his consciousness to a level that the Master Jesus could use.

The person who is going to gain Ascension must have mastered the highest known state – Cosmic Consciousness, call it what you will – seedless Samadhi they might have called it at one time – at will and only used it through lives when necessary. So that is mastery of mastery if you like.

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