Understanding mediumship

by Mar 16, 2017

In this week’s video, Richard Lawrence shares his own early experiences with mediumship to point out some of the common pitfalls, and highlight how outstanding Dr. George King really was.

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In terms of would be mediums, you do have to be very, very careful.

When I first started, I made certain mistakes. I was lucky – Dr. King corrected me, and the big thing that I learned from that is: don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know”.

If you think you’re getting an impression, or if you think you’re getting a contact… And no one can say that you won’t. No one can say you won’t have a vision or experience the presence of the Master Jesus. In fact, if you do The Twelve Blessings with others you will experience that presence. It’ll certainly be there. But if you’re not sure, then don’t jump to any conclusions. That’s a certain wisdom in that.

You don’t know exactly what it is; you may not know. There are so many cases that I’ve come across of people who’ve had contact with their guides that they think is Jesus, or they think is the Virgin Mary, because that’s the background they come from, or they think is the Count St-Germain. And it may not be. It may be a good person, but not who you think it is.

So, I think you’ve got to really… Dr. King said basically you should have done, I think he said once, ten years of yoga for eight hours a day before you really go into mediumship – and certainly channelling advanced intelligences…you wouldn’t be capable of it.

The basic ground rule is that the medium has to be able to raise their level of consciousness to the level of the communicator, which is why it was necessary for Dr. King to enter Samadhi before the Master Jesus could deliver The Twelve Blessings, and before other Cosmic Masters could speak through him. And that’s just… how could you have a rapport with someone when you’re not on their level? There can be no rapport. There can be no mediumship.

Plus, it’s a karmic manipulation – that you, as it were, the student, the receiver, has to be able to get to the level of the teacher. That’s an ancient thing. That even applies to getting into the presence of a great guru in the old days. You had to go to them; they couldn’t go to you. If they did go to you, then you wouldn’t have been ready to receive their wisdom.

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