What is a Cosmic Master?

by Feb 9, 2017

In the Fourth Blessing the Master Jesus says of the Planetary Ones, “They have answered the call of the Great Ones and without a moment’s hesitation, they have left their Planetary bliss to accept terrible limitation among you, so that your passage through experience may be guaranteed.

In this week’s video, international bestselling author Richard Lawrence gives us an insight into these self-sacrificing, enlightened Masters from other planets in this solar system, including his own Master and personal friend – Dr. George King.

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Intelligent extraterrestrial life exists in this Solar System.

These beings are vastly more advanced than us – technologically and spiritually.

They work tirelessly to help mankind evolve. They are known as “Cosmic Masters”.

The Master Jesus gives us some invaluable insights into their love and sacrifice in the Fourth Blessing.

The Fourth Blessing has a particular note of poignancy because it was delivered by someone who had experienced it – the Master Jesus.

He’d been a Planetary One upon Earth and had really suffered. And these words therefore really come home to you.

These are the Ones,” he says “who, day by day, suffer the unspeakable hell of terrible alone-ness, in order to give you their hearts. These are the Ones who suffer, day by day, in a thousand psychological ways, so that–the dark little Earth may make its revolutions through Evolution.

“There are no words to describe the suffering or the depth of sacrifice of these Ones.
And then later he says, “They walk, unsung, in silence through a dark World. They tarry here and the Light doth come. And then they pass onwards before the takers of that Light do realise what has happened to them.”

And I must say this, I do remember hearing that and reading that many times while Dr. King was among us, and I used to look at the world and think, “Gosh, they can’t see this great one in their midst. They don’t realize the light, the salvation, the change that he’s bringing to their lives.

Now, I’d go further than that and I’d apply it to all of us. I’d certainly apply it to myself. I would say that I didn’t realize – I thought I did – but I didn’t realize myself the great light, and I was a taker of that light by being privileged to talk to him virtually every day and be in his presence so much.

This series features international bestselling author Richard Lawrence, Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society for Europe. Learn more about Richard.

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