The Voice of the Master Jesus

by Mar 22, 2017

Richard talks about two qualities which highlight the authenticity of The Twelve Blessings and of Dr. George King as a medium for advanced spiritual Masters.

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There are people who’ve heard The Twelve Blessings who recognize the voice.

They aren’t told: “this is the Master Jesus”. I’ve been at such a meeting, and they say “Oh, that’s Jesus.” Just from the voice some part of them knows, “this is what Jesus sounds like.”

The Master was a great raconteur, as I call him the Master – Dr. King. And so over dinner, or when you were chatting, he could tell stories and sometimes he’d imitate accents and voices. He did it fairly well, but he wasn’t an outstanding mimic. He was fine. Better than I am. But he wasn’t, you know, “wow, he’s got that down.” and then it’d be the same… And I only mention that because that’s his level of ability as a person.

When you hear the voice of the Master Jesus, it is the same. I mean, if you hear years later there’s another transmission called “The Three Saviours are here” delivered some, I think, nine years after The Twelve Blessings and the voice is exactly the same. And the same with the other voices, e.g. The Master Aetherius. And sometimes there’s an overlap.

Now I know, from my knowledge of him and being with him, that he as a man, had he been an impersonator or an actor he wouldn’t have been capable of doing that. But as a medium because he had it so perfect, it’s absolutely pure and his channelling of The Twelve Blessings is one of the most beautiful

Never mind even the content, just as a demonstration of mediumship, one of the most beautiful acts – it’s not a performance, that would be the wrong word – that we’ve witnessed, and it’s all on tape. It’s all on CD.

It’s absolutely amazing just listening to the sound and the way that voice, that beautiful voice, which was nothing like his own voice by the way, at all…

But not only the voice! If you listen, and I heartily recommend you to do so, to his lectures on The Twelve Blessings you’ll see there a clear cut example of another mind set.

And so when he’s talking about it in those brilliant lectures… (which I would regard as being on a par with Transmissions. That’s again my opinion I’m giving, because there you have him in his true essence as a Master throwing his own wisdom.) he brings light to bear upon those Blessings that is his own stamp and that is different. Different in approach and delivery, and in every respect from the Master Jesus. Not different in Truth. Absolutely, completely in tune, but bringing another perspective.

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