Spiritual practices that will change the world!

by Jul 19, 2017

In this week’s video, Aetherius Society Minister Noémi Perkin and Minister-Elect Zascha Brésilley talk about putting personal spiritual development in its right place. Developing ourselves will change the world a bit, but it isn’t enough by itself. We must learn to absorb and transmit spiritual energy if we are to help raise the consciousness of humanity and build a world of lasting peace and Enlightenment on Earth.

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[Zascha] It sounds like to me that the practices are very… it’s like going within, and then radiating it out. And I think that’s the beauty of these practices that we’ve been given by Dr. George King.

Because there’s a lot of people who probably do spiritual practice, or meditation… or more like mindfulness, and I’m just trying to kind of emphasize… What is the difference? What do you think makes these even better practices?

[Noémi] I think you hit on something very important because let’s say about 100 or so years ago it was fine to go into seclusion; to go into the Himalayas and just do your spiritual practices, gain enlightenment, so that once you were enlightened then you could go and help others. The times have changed. We have to do it now. There is not enough time for us to gain enlightenment first in order to help other people.

The times have changed. We have to do it now. There is not enough time for us to gain enlightenment first in order to help other people.

And with these practices, when we do our yoga breathing, when we do mantra, it all helps us, it’s all fantastic. And we should do them. But what it allows us to do… it’s making us better channels; making us more spiritual beings.

We have to spiritualize ourselves. And the more we do that, we’ll become better channels, purer channels for spiritual energy to flow through us. The energy is there. But there is another vital ingredient that we send out when we say a prayer and send out healing. It’s love. We touched on it earlier. Love-energy. That’s what makes the difference, isn’t it?

When you send out your prayer; when you send it out with feeling, you can imbue it with love, because you want to help people, you want to help the world. You know, if you see someone sick, you want to help them, don’t you?

[Zascha] People say that “Oh, well, I’m just doing spiritual practices and developing myself so that peace will naturally… I’ll be at peace, so I’ll be naturally helping everyone else from my energy“, and that’s it. I mean, what would you say?

[Noémi] That’s interesting because if you do your spiritual practices you will change. You will have a purer aura, if you like. You will become a more dynamic individual, and whoever comes in your presence, you will have an effect on them – you will have some healing effect on them.

But I think our world needs much more than that. It’s not enough. Really, it isn’t. We have to send out energy into the world.

People, on the other side of the world, who won’t come into contact with you, they need your power too.

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