The Dynamic Prayer Technique

by May 17, 2017

In this week’s video, International Director and Priest Alyson Lawrence continues with a new series exploring the magic and spiritual science of dynamic prayer.

What does it mean to become a channel for spiritual energy?

In our second installment, we show you how you can make your prayers really work using the technique of dynamic prayer.

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[Alyson] The way we use dynamic prayer is a technique just as, say, learning to sing can be a technique, or even to act. But there the similarity ends.

Overlaid on that comes your feeling; your visualization; this real yearning to help. And then it becomes a part of you.

A good prayer has to be like part of your soul being. “Soul” being the soul of you. I would almost look at each word, like “Oh Mighty God”. Just think about those words before you express them. And they have a power. Each word has a power. And especially in The Twelve Blessings. And if you know how to put the emphasis; you put the real love… “Oh Mighty God, Who is the Creator of All Things…“. If you learn to really put all your love and expression into this… And interestingly enough, diction is very important. You mustn’t rush through it.

In fact, you mustn’t be over emotional because that can actually kill the higher quality. It’s controlled. It’s like a form of controlled emotion. And if you can put those two things together, it’s like the light and shade, and it’s like in a wave motion and you’ve got the ups and downs. But at the same time you’re pushing this energy out. And then you’ll have the crescendo at the end of a prayer, for instance…

[Darren] Could you give us an example of that light and shade that you’re talking about and how someone might work towards that crescendo in their prayer to send out more energy?

[Alyson] Yes. I’ll give you an example, say, the Third Blessing. I’ll say the prayer at the end of the Third Blessing just as an example.

“Oh Mighty God,
Who is the Creator of All Things,
We pray that Your Light
May shine through us all,
So that we may transmit This unto the World.”

You see you don’t want it to… if it’s flat it loses something. And you have to pronounce the consonants. You don’t sort of drop your H’s or… because you’re then racing through it. It has to be considered, consistent and you have to really push the energy out. But by concentrating on this higher quality of energy, it will affect your aura, the psychic centres. I mean I can feel a difference in myself just having said that one prayer and that would apply to everybody.

[Darren] So if we’re doing a prayer – so we’ve talked about concentrating on the meaning of the words even before you say them so you have a greater realization of the aspect of consciousness I guess that you’re invoking…

[Alyson] Yes. Yes. You’re raising your consciousness to a higher level. And the more you do this, the more you’ll get from it. It’s like you’re opening yourself up to the great universal mind, and you’re drawing on that and it’s coming through you because the prana… I mean, we are like walking batteries. And we attract to ourselves pranas to a greater or lesser degree. And then it’s coloured by our thoughts, our personal vibration, our energy levels, and then we radiate that out again. But with prayer you’re changing all that. You’re rising above the condition of your everyday life. I’m just saying that you know just to try and give an example of what I mean. You’re raising that. You’re opening the floodgates to a higher quality of energy and the more you do this, the better you’ll get at it, the more powerful a spiritual battery you will become. And I think our world really needs it.

[Darren] So when you talk about becoming a better battery or a better channel for energy…

[Alyson] Channel is probably a better word…

[Darren] How does visualization play a role in that?

[Alyson] I would visualize white light. You don’t want to visualize people suffering. You want to visualize them recovering, feeling inner joy, seeing the light and being surrounded and enfolded by this light. You always have to maintain a positive visualization. And I don’t think you can be too precise in exactly what you’re trying to visualize because you could still affect the outcome. You need to visualize the white light. And it’s as though the words speak for themselves. And when you get really advanced at this, the words become immaterial, because you’re just attracting a power and you’re radiating out this power, and you’re colouring it in a much more advanced spiritual way.

[Darren] So why is the posture that we use so important? Could you talk about the posture in relation to the psychic centres?

[Alyson] Yes. Yes. Certainly. We have psychic centres in the palms of the hands. And obviously we try to invoke energy, which we then send out through the heart centre because we’re trying to awaken the higher centres. And when you start to awaken the heart centre, you will feel this universal love for everything. You’ll have an intense love. You’ll see the God spark in all things, and you’ll relate to that, and animals, other people, plants, they’ll pick up this energy; this pure, unemotional, unconditional love – this universal love. And this is what you’re trying to attract, to yourself through the pranas, and then radiate this out like on a thought beam.

[Darren] So how would someone do the visualization? Is it white light coming down through the top of the head and then seeing that go out from the chakra.

[Alyson] Yes. Yes. Because we’re magnetic beings, and all the time we’re attracting energy to ourselves. And we have to learn to attract the right type of energy. So you have to detach from what you’ve been doing in the day. You have to do certain spiritual preparatory exercises; cleansing exercises, and then you’re ready for the next stage, which could be mantra or it could be prayer. And because mantra, at the end of the day, is a higher form of prayer, it’s a means of attracting a higher energy to yourself which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to attract. But we can do this through prayer; through unselfish prayer.

[Darren] So why is it so important to have the hands apart at shoulder height, rather than closed together in front of the chest.

[Alyson] If you have your hands together like that you become a closed circuit. And, yes, there will be some energy radiating. But by holding the hands out like that in this mudra, straightaway you’re radiating the energy out from yourself, which is what you want to do.

[Darren] So you’re freeing the heart center?

[Alyson] Yes, you’re opening up the heart centre. It’s like symbolic also of freeing yourself up from all your inhibitions. You’re just letting yourself go, but in a controlled way. I come back to that.

This series features Alyson Lawrence, An International Director of The Aetherius Society and a Priest in the Aetherius Churches.

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