The magic of dynamic prayer

by May 11, 2017

In this week’s video, International Director and Priest Alyson Lawrence introduces a new series exploring the magic and spiritual science of dynamic prayer.

If prayer is not asking “God” for a favor, what is it?

In our first installment, we talk about what prayer really is and introduce the basic principles of this spiritual science that anyone can learn.

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Prayer is actually a science and it’s also an act of magic.

The whole essence of magic is invoking energy and then sending it out; manipulating it…you change it through yourself, through your thought processes, and then you send it out to the target of your choice. That is in essence what an act of magic is, and that is how we look at prayer.

It’s a technique you can learn. It’s a way to self development and you are really doing something that’s valuable in the world today.

The way we use prayer is in a dynamic way – an open way. We hold the hands up as so and we radiate energy through the heart centre and the psychic centres in the palms of the hands. And, the more we learn this technique of how to pray we can really send out streams of energy into the mind belt. We can send absent healing to those we know who are in need of help – even to people we don’t know the other side of the world.

You talked a little bit about prayer as a science and also as an amalgamation of so many of the different yogas which Dr. George King combined together into this practice that he taught as dynamic prayer.

Absolutely. In order to pray correctly you have to really concentrate on what you are saying and what you are visualizing. So, you are bringing about this idea of a one pointedness of mind. You’re dispensing with random thought.

And I’m sure we’ll all agree that in the space of one minute we’d probably lose count of the number of thoughts that have flashed through our mind and we are not even aware of it. I mean, how many people can think about one thing without deviating for one minute? I think we’d all be surprised, including myself. But that’s where we have to start. This one pointedness of mind; then you’ve got the visualization – the concept of sending out this white light and visualizing that. And that’s all part of Raja yoga.

Then you have to bring in the love; this universal love, which will open up the heart chakra. And is not a form of Bhakti yoga?

And you bring the two together and you are bringing about an aspect of Jnana yoga, which is the yoga of wisdom. Because if you have the real love and the visualization you will bring about a greater awareness of life and how we’re all related one to another.

It’s all an aspect of God and by praying in this way we are helping all aspects of God in manifestation. It’s selfless service for the whole; for the greater good of the whole. That is the essence of Karma yoga. It’s something that we practice in The Aetherius Society.

And, Dr. George King was indeed a Master of Karma yoga. And in fact he was the Master of karmic manipulation: how we can change our personal karma for the better. And, by performing an act of selfless service, something will come back to you. It has to, by karmic law. And what you send out will be returned to you.

So if you send out this universal love, or healing, to help people you may not even know the other side of the world, you will get something back from it and you’ll find this feeling of deep spiritual satisfaction that nothing else can ever bring; no material possession could ever bring that inner joy, that inner peace. Because that’s another by-product of this.

When you’re doing the right thing and you’re helping; you’re helping humanity or the animal kingdom, you’ll find a peace within you because it’s the right spiritual act.

This series features Alyson Lawrence, An International Director of The Aetherius Society and a Priest in the Aetherius Churches.

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