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by Jun 8, 2017

International Director and Priest Alyson Lawrence concludes our series exploring the magic and spiritual science of dynamic prayer.

In our final installment we talk about the spiritual energy crisis – what it is and what we can do to help inspire humanity to change from within

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[Alyson] We teach people how to pray to be of spiritual service. And the biggest crisis on this Earth is the shortage of spiritual energy.

[Darren] So what would be the difference if there was a much greater amount of spiritual energy available to everyone on Earth? How would people be different? How might they think or act differently?

[Alyson] I think they would recognize the Divinity within each and every one of them – the Divinity in all things. And they wouldn’t want to go to war.

Why would you want to hurt another aspect of God that is going through experience – through a different cycle of experience?

We’re all on the journey; on this journey back to the Source from whence we came. And we can take the longer path, the shorter path… And a lot of people set themselves back by creating karmic difficulties; wrong action. And it’s all got to be addressed. It’s all got to be put right. And the more we focus on the light within, and generating this light to the world, it will impinge on other people.

I mean if you walk into a room, you know when someone’s magnetic, for better or for worse, but you can feel it. Because they’re radiating a certain amount of energy. So, if you walk into a room and you have this controlled emotion but a spiritual love, people will recognize it instantly. They won’t know what it is necessarily, but they’ll be drawn to you.

[Darren] So when we’re talking about the spiritual energy crisis, and sending out this spiritual energy, it sounds like what you are saying is that we are allowing people to become more enlightened by the light of their higher selves and the realisation of what we all are.

[Alyson] Well, yes we are. And this is helping them. It’s helping the whole. And the time will come one day – I don’t know when, but it will have to come about – that there will be no thought of war or selfishness, and imbalance of material wealth in one part of the world and a shortage in another… where people are dying of starvation and they’ve got no water. We have terrible imbalance in this world….

You can’t say there is one religion that’s right and all the others are wrong. It’ll be a belief in God. That’s it.

You don’t pray for a person to be removed because they’re evil. You can pray for the light to shine on them so that they open up their higher selves to a greater source of energy – a higher source of energy so that they’ll no longer want to go to war; no longer want to hurt people. That’s how you can use prayer to transform situations…

[Darren] So it’s not about changing someone’s mind or interfering…?

[Alyson] No, you must never interfere with someone’s mind. You can just pray that they have greater enlightenment; greater awareness – maybe of their wrongdoing – but it has to be like a gentle energy that helps their own personal awakening.

This series features Alyson Lawrence, An International Director of The Aetherius Society and a Priest in the Aetherius Churches.

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