What are spiritual practices?

by Jun 29, 2017

Join us as we continue with our latest conversation series discussing the joys and challenges of making spiritual practices a part of our everyday lives, with Aetherius Society Minister Noémi Perkin and Minister-Elect Zascha Brésilley.

In this week’s video, Noémi and Zascha talk about what spiritual practices are, and how they can help us to tap our intuition for greater inspiration, guidance and wisdom in our everyday lives.

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[Zascha] What do we mean by spiritual practices? Could you explore that a bit further? What do we mean by that?

[Noémi] Certainly. Well, in spiritual practices what we’re aiming to do is to go within. Because Dr. King did say that – and the Ancient Ones have said – that all the knowledge is within us. Don’t look for it outside in the world but look within.

So, we’re encouraged through these practices to go within. So, we could do it through Pranayama, which is Yoga breathing. We could do it through meditation, through the chanting of mantra, saying a prayer, because what you’re doing when you’re doing your spiritual practices, you’re trying to contact your Higher Self. You’re trying to tune in to your Higher Self. We’ve got our lower selves and we’ve got our Higher Selves, and we’re trying to raise our consciousness to that higher level. We’re trying to spiritualize ourselves.

Because what we’re doing is we’re drawing prana into ourselves to start activating our chakras, or our psychic centres, more so. And it will bring in inspiration. It will bring in higher guidance; intuition.

We’ll be able to start tapping that wonderful thing called intuition, which is always right. So that’s what spiritual practices will help us to do – to go within. And in that we’ll find wisdom, realization and through that obviously our understanding will grow too.

[Zascha] For us to actually “prove” to ourselves that we are spiritual energy, basically, that we do have a soul, the only way really that we can do that is by doing these practices to connect with that Higher Self, and it’s experiential, rather than just theory, isn’t it?

[Noémi] I think it’s a very important point you’ve just made Zascha, because I can tell you how wonderful these practices are but unless you have experienced it for yourself you just won’t know.

We can use our discrimination when we hear something, and just think: does it sound true? Does it ring true to me? And that’s where we are using our intuition, and it’s so crucial to use intuition in our everyday lives, because that will be a wonderful guide. But absolutely, if we don’t practice these practices then we just won’t know – we won’t have that experience for our selves.

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This series features Alyson Lawrence, An International Director of The Aetherius Society and a Priest in the Aetherius Churches.

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