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by Oct 11, 2018

In our next series of inspirational extracts Master of Yoga Dr George King illustrates the difference between what he calls the “Mystic” and the “Occultist”.

The Mystic – someone who can go into meditation and contact the all-knowledge space within.

The Occultist – someone who applies this knowledge in practical ways to help others.

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“You have to temper your journey within with true regard for the suffering of your fellow men.

“You have to shorten your journey within because of this. Because you need to give service. It is essential that you do.

“If any man in the Aetherius Society or in the world decides to cut himself off from civilization and go into a retreat so that he can gain ecstatic bliss, if any man hopes that by doing this – and this is a statement of fact – if any man hopes that by doing this to get out of reincarnation, to prepare himself for his ascension, this man will fail.

“And I say that not on any terrestrial authority, but on a greater authority than that. The Masters have stated this through myself for some years.

“This is one thing that has made some of our teachings unpopular, because they are startlingly true. Not just true, but almost devastatingly true.

“We have many responsibilities, and whether we like it or not we are our brother’s keeper. I don’t like it. I dislike it – intensely. Some of you here probably dislike it – intensely. Nevertheless, you do not allow your dislike to keep you from essential service, and this is exactly how it should be.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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