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by Oct 3, 2018

In this week’s extract Dr King gives us another key to our enlightenment.

He says:

“We are not all equal, we are not all the same – I know that. However, we can all progress, and it depends on the effort we use in order to ensure this progression.”

This is the personal choice we make everyday. The more effort you make in your practices, the more you worship at the shrine of truth, the more you make your life about selfless service to others – the more definitely you will advance toward enlightenment!

Full lecture available here:

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“So, let’s get this straight, once and for all.

“It’s no good pointing to the man up there and saying, ‘Well, of course, it was easier for him than it was for me.’ That is not correct, and in my case, it’s ridiculous.

“I nearly died for the first nine years of my life. I started off very, very badly, and I had an extremely difficult life – a lot more difficult life than most of you’ve had. And, so difficult, in a certain respect, that it’s a wonder I progressed at all. And had I been as lazy as the average person, I would not have done.

“So, what’s possible for one is possible for another.

“We’re not all equal, we’re not all the same. I know that. However, we can all progress, and it depends on the effort we use in order to ensure this progression.

“That’s the secret of it all, and we should all remember it. And then, make the choice, ’cause it’s a personal choice to make.

“Make the choice, say ‘Well, I’ll catch it next time around.’ Or say, ‘No way – I’m going out to do as much as I can now.’

“If anybody can project, you nip up to Level Two and ask some of the people there, and they’ll say, ‘My God, I wish we’d worked harder at our spiritual progression because of …’ and they’ll give you a long list of reasons why…

“Because when you come back the next time it’s not as easy. You’re wrapped up in ignorance for many, many years until you open up your brain centers again.”

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