Kill laziness!

by Sep 13, 2018

Most people are lazy…!

And yet what have we learned in the last few weeks?

That you, the Soul, can stand up and say to your conscious mind:

“You will NOT be lazy! You will devote your time to helping others. You will do your spiritual practices. And you will study the outstanding spiritual truths we have all been given so that you can better realise that you are Spirit!”

Extracted from: ‘Become More Useful Humans’ (A lecture by Master of Yoga Dr George King)

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“Most people are lazy. Most people are lazy.

“I’ve had people say to me before, ‘Oh isn’t it marvellous. You are so lucky being able to take these wonderful transmissions. Oh, I wish I could have brought the Twelve Blessings through. How was it you could do this?’

“10 hours a day of yoga for 10 years – that helps you know.

“I don’t mean fiddling around with it either. I mean real hard yog[a]. This helps…

“This is one sure way of killing laziness. I wanted to be just as lazy as the rest of my associates in business but something else said, ‘You are not going to be this lazy old man. You’re going to toe the line and you’re going to do as I say when I say and if I say ‘jump’ you’re going to jump and when I say sleep you’ll sleep but not until then.’ And this is discipline.

“This is correct Soul management, which very, very few people have.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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