You are Spirit!

by Sep 6, 2018

“I am Divine Spirit!”

We might think we believe this, but do we really?

One day we will not only believe it – but truly know it!

The more we think about it, the more we affirm it – not just in our thoughts but in our actions – the more we will realize, deep within our hearts, that it is true.

In this week’s lecture extract, Dr King offers us a priceless insight into our metaphysical makeup, and in particular the Divine Spark within each and every one of us.

Full lecture available here:

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“Remember, says the Master, ‘you are Spirit’.

“There isn’t a metaphysical student in the world who hasn’t heard this over and over and over and over again. Some of them, at Science of Mind, and various other organisations, have repeated this. ‘I am Spirit. I am one with God’.

“It’s a very good repetition, and yet there are very, very few people, even in this movement, who really and genuinely believe it.

“There are fewer still who really and genuinely know it.

“Why? Because they haven’t worked hard enough at it. The haven’t demonstrated to their lower selves that they are Spirit. The lower self is like a basic man, you know, it’s always asking for proof. If you prove to the lower self that you are Spirit, and the lower self accepts this proof, you’ll only have to prove it once and, when it is reminded of it at a later date, it will immediately know it and go into its rightful corner.

“Now, you think about those words. They’re important. Remember that, as Spirit, you control a Soul. The Soul is the higher mental consciousness. It’s a physical thing. As a matter of fact if you had an etheric knife you could cut it in half. It’s as physical as that. Just as the body is physical, just as the mind is physical, just as the aura is physical, so is the Soul. It’s physical.

“The Spirit isn’t. The Spirit is the link with God. The Spirit is your divinity, which exists in each and every one of you. But the Soul is the master of the total mental capabilities. But, as Spirit, you control a Soul which, in turn, controls a very compact computer mechanism called the brain, which is given physical energy, by another very carefully created machine, called the body.

“But still remember ‘you are Spirit’. You are divine. You are linked with the one and only Source of creation in the whole macrocosmic system – the Absolute.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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