Rise and Live!

by Aug 29, 2018

This week’s message is an inspiring call-to-action given to us by Mars Sector 6 – “Rise and Live”.

Master of Yoga Dr George King reminds us all that in order to advance we must make our conscious minds the servants of our superconscious minds. Affirm to yourself: “I am Divine Spirit. I am now mastering my mind and body.”

Full lecture available here: https://www.aetherius.org/shop/become-more-useful-humans/

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“He says, ‘Rise and Live’.

“Say to yourself,

“‘I am master of my mind and my body, I the Soul. I, the Soul, am being directed by the Great Spirit which is a Spark of God. This will cause the rest of me to rise and live because I control it.’

“It’s rather, you know, like driving a car sloppily along the road. Imagine a driver getting into a car and driving it sloppily up on the curb, and then twisting it all around the road at a very slow pace. Well, that’s what most people are doing. They’re sitting in a machine, a physical dense machine, and they’re driving it in the most sloppy manner through life and very, very often, more often than not, they allow the dense physical machine to take over. And the auto pilot they use is not a very good one because they allow themselves to become even subservient to that, and the result is laziness; idleness. 

“’Learn and build. Practice and evolve into more useful humans’.

“I’ve never known a Master say anything, at any time, to any audience, that they cannot perform.

“In other words we can all take notice of this. We all have the ability to rise and live.

“No matter how old we are. No matter how ailing we are, and some of us are ailing. However, we can still rise and still live, even above our ailments, above our physical weaknesses, because we are stronger than the physical. We stand at the wheel of our ship.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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