A key to your enlightenment

by Sep 19, 2018

This week we kick off another inspiring series based on the wisdom of Master of Yoga Dr George King.

These extracts have been taken from an address that he gave called: ‘Key to your spiritual progress’.

In this week’s extract Dr King gives us a key to our enlightenment.

Enlightenment is where we’re all headed. It’s just a question of how we travel there – and when we finally choose to do so in earnest!

Full lecture available here: https://www.aetherius.org/shop/key-to-your-spiritual-progress/

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“The student must exercise self-discipline. This he must do. This is a must.

“Now, here’s a difficult one in these days, especially with what I call the hippy influence, [which] is still colouring many young people’s lives; even though they shave and wear a tie, there’s still this desire for expression of freedom and freewill, etc., and looseness.

“You see, the student must build his own character and he can only do that by exercising self-discipline.

“He must have a yearning desire, which fills his very soul to learn all he can, and to absorb this and practice these Teachings. A yearning desire, above everything else! And this is the acid test.

“Not very easy; it’s very, very difficult. Then, the road to enlightenment is a long, arduous one.

“In the early days, I found, like everyone else has always found before, that the more I practised, the more discipline I exercised over myself, the more I knew. You will not – doesn’t matter who tells you otherwise, makes no difference – you will not ever experience a mystical state, such as Cosmic Consciousness, unless you work really, really hard for it. There’s no easy way. There’s a quick way and a long way.

“The quick way is by far the most dangerous; by far the most difficult. The long way is much safer. But whichever way you take, you must work very, very, very hard. And it’s up to you: [you can] say, ‘Well, in the next life it might come, or the life afterwards it might come.’

“Or you can say, as I did, ‘It’s gonna come now. I can’t wait for the next life. Definitely not. Now it’s gonna come!’ …and work accordingly.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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