Why trance?

by Jun 7, 2018

For more than 43 years Master of Yoga Dr George King was on call 24 hours a day, ready at a moment’s notice to receive communications from advanced extraterrestrial intelligences.

Approximately 600 of these communications were received in a positive type of trance described as “yogic samadhic trance”.

This is an extremely advanced and rare form of mediumship which involves the raising of the mystical power of kundalini to a high chakra, and although in every way positive and highly spiritual, is a huge strain upon the medium and is, in fact, very dangerous.

Full lecture available here: https://www.aetherius.org/shop/trance-its-various-types-2/

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“Some of you have already read our article in Cosmic Voice called ‘Why Trance?’ If you haven’t, may I say that many people have asked me through the years why I ever a trance condition.

“They say, ‘Is it necessary in order to have a space message put through?’ The answer is: of course, no, it isn’t necessary.

“If it isn’t, then why ever use it?

“Well, to me, it’s nothing emotional, it’s a science, and I work it out like this: if I was to contact Aetherius and get a 45 minutes’ message, I would be bound—absolutely bound—to remember every single word of that, even the intonation, the stress on certain words, and the subtlety of certain words, and write it down. I have a reasonably good memory, my friends, but not that good.

“In a trance condition, I don’t need to do this. I can put the whole message through, there and then, as it’s given, when it’s given, roughly—roughly—in the way that it’s given. Not in the same voice, of course, because the voice is mine, through this larynx, but roughly in the way that it’s given, without any adulteration that I’m aware of, anyway, and it’s given; it can be recorded exactly, and at the future date, it can be taken down.

“So weighing it up, I decided that rather than commit these tremendously long messages to memory, it would be far better to adopt a trance condition, and I’ve found that this wasn’t wrong because during that trance condition, other things except voice are put through at the same time. And, a person in trance can be used in this way. An intelligence can speak and also power can be manipulated through that person, even through other people in the room, in the country, on the other side of the world, at one and the same time.

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

Note: An Adept is someone who can raise the Kundalini in full to the throat center.
Note: A Master is someone who can raise the Kundalini in full to the Christ center (3rd eye).

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