The difference between negative and positive trance

by Jun 2, 2018

Not all trance is the same. In this week’s extract Master of Yoga Dr George King talks about the difference between the positive, yogic form of trance, and the negative form.

This is another way you can determine whether the medium, communicator and message are authentic or not – and avoid wasted time on the spiritual path.

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“No one who adopts a negative form of trance has ever communicated with a person from another planet.

“Neither have they communicated with a highly elevated Master such as Jesus and so on. People like Jesus, St. Germain and others, only use those mediums who have the positive yogic form of trance. You see they couldn’t use the other kind because their message would be so warped.

“A positive form of trance is a precipitation into superconscious levels. Negative form of trance is a coming down into subconscious levels. You can note that.

“Now, coming down in this way, if Jesus, for instance, was to dream of using a channel in that negative form of subconscious trance, or negative trance, His message would be so warped, it would be unrecognizable. That is why He would not dream of using such a person.

“I know there are many people who make the claim, such as one I read out here, Jesus holding the channel by the hand on the hall of learning on Saturn while He was speaking to a group and telling them various little things about…well, we won’t go into what they were about, but they weren’t of great help to the world as a whole, I might say. Jesus could never use such a channel.

“Whereas, so don’t get me wrong in case you think that we are making any claims above the average, whereas, Jesus has spoken through mediums in all parts of the world, especially in the last few years, but these mediums have all been highly trained in one way or another, to adopt this positive form of trance, which will not warp or discolor or alter the message.

“How can a person come below the conscious level and receive a great inspiration? It isn’t possible. It’s not even basic logic. To receive great inspiration, my friends, no matter where it comes from, you must go above the conscious level. You can only go above the conscious level into the superconscious level by the use of the power of Kundalini.

“You can only precipitate a positive yogic trance condition by the conscious manipulation of Kundalini through the centers; inhibition of certain lower centers, so that all the energy is concentrated in higher centers, and the concentration is on one focal point. It might be a beam of light upon which the message is being relayed. You can only do that through years and years of previous training and practice.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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