Expand your consciousness through the reality of God

by May 14, 2018

The more we think about what God really is, the more we will help ourselves to appreciate the greatness of God – and advance!

In this lecture extract Master of Yoga Dr George King discusses the awe-inspiring, consciousness-expanding reality of God!

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“’In all ITS Silent—yet complete—Consciousness.’
“’Greater than all the Worlds is THIS—for IT contains them.’
“’Greater than all the Suns is THIS—for these are the Centres of ITS Wondrous Body.’

“You have psychic centres in your body. The Suns are the psychic centres in the body of God.

“’Greater than the Great Galactic Lords is THIS—for these are activated Centres of Preservation within this Mighty Frame.’

“These are the most active centres of preservation, in their negative phase, in order to bring the great balance about.

“’Greater than even the Seven Lords of Creation is THIS—for these are ITS Hearts.’
“’Greater than even the One within the Centre is THIS—for this is but ITS Brain.’
“’IT is above all these things. IT IS—all these things—and even more than THAT!’

“Now you see, a lot of people might say, ‘Yes alright, well I’ve got to the stage now, after reading this, that I have appreciation of the Absolute.’ But you haven’t, you see.

“Jesus knows this only too well so what He is doing now is introducing more thoughts to give you a greater extension, a widening, so that you, yourself, can go on from this.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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