What happens when you send out thoughts of love?

by Sep 18, 2019

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King describes what happens when we radiate thoughts of spiritual love. The devas or “nature spirits” are responsible for the function of nature. However, they can work only with the energy that you send to them. They work strictly according to the law of karma and do not use free will. As a result of this, the energy you radiate could be just what is needed to help stop an earthquake, a flood, a typhoon or some similar potential catastrophe.

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“You send out a thought of love – spiritual love which comes really and truly from your heart; a thought of healing and upliftment for someone. What happens?

“It travels through the ether. As it’s travelling through the ether it alters everything that it comes into contact with. We mustn’t forget that this Earth is in a vast sea of mind – a vast sea of mind.

“We cannot divorce living man from mind. No matter can be divorced from mind, either on this or another planet.

“So, out goes your tremendous force of love and it’s like a breeze in the desert. It alters and affects everything it comes into contact with, raising it just that much.

“The thought of love goes to somebody or other. It helps them, must help them in one way or another it’s got to help them. Whether it’s apparent then or apparent later, it’s got to help them.

“And then what happens? A Deva somewhere has to work with that thought of love and with other thoughts of love.

“And then what happens? Something great and something glorious happens somewhere in the world, just at the right time in just the right way. No violence, no fear, no lives lost, but something raised up. Something transmuted. Maybe, those thoughts of love are just what is needed to stop an earthquake, to stop a drought, or to stop a flood, to stop a typhoon, or something similar to this. No argument about it. No doubt about it. If I was sure of anything I am sure of this.

“It is possible that I had to have the experience in England so I could talk in such a definite manner about it; so that I could teach you how important it is that your thoughts be of the highest possible nature so that not only do they help others, but also the Devic Kingdom have the right bricks with which to build.

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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