Attune yourself with the higher aspects of mind

by Jul 3, 2019

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King reveals a great secret about receiving high inspiration. We all receive the higher aspects of mind through our brains. The inspiration is literally right there – if we could understand it! What can you do to access it?

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“Now, I had been thinking – not about this particular problem, but about related problems.

“Thinking about related problems (not related in the strict sense of the term but nevertheless thinking about difficult problems appertaining to a job I was doing at that time) attuned this computer to receive and understand — and this is the key of all – receive and understand higher mental aspects.

“So that when the stream of mental energy containing the full picturization of this mechanism was tuned into, the computer or brain could stop it, analyze it, catalog it, and understand it.

“I maintain, and have done for many years, that an average man, dummkopf though he be, still receives through his brain mechanism the higher aspects of mind. But, he cannot understand them. Physically they are traveling too great a velocity for the un-attuned circuits of his brain to slow them down to make understanding and analysis possible.

“So this inspiration came as a result of thinking – of attuning a brain to… by practice, by frequent practice. And when it received the “inspiration” in inverted commas, or so-called, it was able to understand exactly that mind aspect.

“Because again, ladies and gentlemen, I believe that all things are now here. I do not think it is possible to think an original thought, because it is already here; to design an original thing, because that is already here. All things that we need throughout our evolution are already here. It’s a matter of being able to understand them. So therefore, inspiration is a result of mental attunement, mental practice.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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