Different degrees of spiritual advancement

by Aug 21, 2019

There are various different degrees of spiritual advancement on Earth. First, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, which mainly consists of Ascended Masters – Earth Masters who have great spiritual powers and never age.

Second, Earth Masters who are capable of astounding paranormal feats, but who are still bound by the reincarnatory cycle of this planet. 

Third, Adepts, who also have great powers, but do not have the same degree of stupendous self-control as a Master.

Fourth, are the advanced initiates who have earned and received initiations of one degree or another.

Fifth, are the advanced aspirants, which is where this extract by Master of Yoga Dr George King begins…

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“And then we have the advanced aspirants. In my language these would be the people who would be devoting at least the most of their time to some active type of spiritual work.

“People who certainly wouldn’t consider themselves advanced in any way, and this is good, but they would be devoting [a] tremendous amount of time to spiritual work. Not one evening a week – two evenings a week – attending a lecture. That isn’t devoting time to spiritual work. I mean devoting time. As much time as one possibly can, to spiritual work, until the early hours of the morning every day, without any thought of monetary reward. If monetary reward comes into it, the motive is different and it makes the magic different. So this is pure magic. It’s a pure, shall we say, offer from the heart without thought of return. These, in my language, would be the advanced searchers – people who are searching for truth – not only searching, but people who are willing to earn it.

“And then we have the metaphysical students. There are many, many of these and many different categories of these. [It’s] going to make me really unpopular. They expected that further up the board, you know, these metaphysical students. However there it is, I’m afraid, and there are many of these – many different categories. And these people are searching diligently for truth. They are in the minority in these days. They belong to a minority group, especially in some countries throughout the world they’re almost non-existent because the orthodox religions have fully taken over those countries. However, in America you do have quite a few metaphysical students searching for truth and enlightenment.

“Then we get the orthodox religionists. Now, these here are the people who are very devoted to some orthodox religion. Some of them extremely good people in every way; hard working people; very, very nice people but nevertheless they cannot yet take that step up the ladder away from pure orthodoxy. But let us not in any way condemn them because it would be very, very unfair of us to do so.

“Then we have the agnostics. These are the people who have at least thought about things to such an extent that they say: ‘Well, it could be, or it could not be. I don’t know.’ This proves they have thought about things and they are the glorified fence sitters.

“And then we have the rest. Some people less tough than myself – and I can afford to be tough because I’ve devoted everything to spiritual work – would categorise these and soften the blow. I won’t. I’ll call them “the rest”. People who don’t think too much about either orthodox religion or the higher forms of religion; the people who don’t care too much. The television watchers and the baseball fans, and the Beatles fans, and so on – you know what I mean, “the rest”.

“Of course we should also remember when we talk about “the rest”, ‘there, but for the Grace of God, go I.’ We should remember this too. We should not condemn these people. We should pray for them and we should try to give them as much enlightenment as we possibly can, without forcing anything. Because to force anything on them would not be right.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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