The Great White Brotherhood does exist

by Aug 8, 2019

The Great White Brotherhood is a mystical order of mostly Ascended men and women who have chosen to remain on Earth in order to help humanity. These beings of great wisdom, power and psychic abilities work behind the scenes and have long been shrouded in mystery.

In this week’s lecture extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King tells us in no uncertain terms that these great beings definitely do exist.

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“Now, here we have the Great White Brotherhood virtually in the most important position of any beings on this earth today – on this earth.

“This is with the exception, of course, of the Earth Itself.

“I haven’t gone out into the cosmos. I’ve kept it very basic.

“They are virtually the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Earth. And the Great White Brotherhood is composed of, for the most part, but not wholly, of Ascended Masters.

“Now you know through your study of The Nine Freedoms what ascension means, and you know that this is a long, long way along the path. It is above meditation. It is above cosmic consciousness. It is a feat which was demonstrated in the finest possible way by Jesus when he was on Earth. He actually brought about ascension and, not only brought it about, but He proved that it could be brought about.

“We have people like Germain and others who have cropped up through history for hundreds of years proving that they looked like earth people, lived like earth people, but they did have an ascended body – a body which showed no age. They are the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Earth and they do exist. Now we’re talking about truth, not the figment of somebody’s imagination. The Great White Brotherhood does exist, most definitely.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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