Don’t let jealousy poison your heart

by Mar 6, 2019

Evil comes in many guises, and in some ways the more subtle it is, the more sinister it can be.

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King gives us very clear instructions about what we each can do, as true spiritual workers, to spot and stop jealousy dead in its tracks, wherever we encounter it.

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“There is another important facet to it I think you should all remember: You can enhance another’s jealously, perhaps unknowingly. You don’t realize that you’re doing it, but you can do.

“A jealous person will come to you with some kind of a talk, some kind of a rumor. It’s the basis of it. They all do. They act according to pattern.

“By listening to it, by passing it on, you’ve fed their jealously.

“By stopping it dead in it’s tracks — even though it’s issued by a friend of yours — you’ve shaken this little green-eyed monster.

“And this is important. Note, here I talk about malicious rumor — gossip — which is so prevalent in Los Angeles. My friends — I know.

“I don’t talk about the genuine result of research. This is another thing entirely. Passing on the genuine result of research is the act of a true teacher, a true spiritual worker.

“Speaking up boldly and bravely for what you know to be right — or against what you know to be wrong — this is the act of a true spiritual reformer.

“I’m not talking about that kind of thing. I’m talking about the maliciousness, the personalized gossip, which does go around.

“It’s listening to it, receiving it, passing it on… feeds this little monster, which is wriggling it’s way through the very heart of the jealous person.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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