True meditation

by Oct 31, 2018

The word “meditation” means different things to different people.

To Master of Yoga Dr George King, this word referred to an extremely elevated state which takes years – if not lives – to attain.

In our next series of Weekly Inspiration extracts, Dr King makes many occult revelations about the elevated state he regarded as meditation, known as samadhi.

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“Meditation is that state where he who concentrates or contemplates becomes one with that upon which he contemplates. That is the state of meditation.

“It’s a state which is contacted almost always in a very deep trance state.

“There are only rare cases of meditation where meditation itself is gained while the subject is conscious.

“Meditation is a state where the consciousness of the individual – the super consciousness of the individual – contacts the all-knowledge space within that individual. In other words, it’s that state where the Soul of the individual is bathed in the light radiated by the Spirit, or Spark of God within; that absolute spiritual essence within.

“Now you will never touch that source – not on this planet, probably not in this solar system, but you can come near to it and bathe the Soul in the light of this Spirit.

“And, when you come out of a state of meditation, you come out as a “Knower”, a person who knows about that upon which you mediated, or upon which you gained this elevated state of meditation.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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