The two Buddhas

by Oct 26, 2017

In this week’s lecture extract, Dr. George King talks about what he calls the “two Buddhas”.

In his illustration, Dr. King compares two approaches to spirituality. One will lead you to spiritual greatness – the other will not!

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“There are two Buddhas.

“One Buddha is that Master who locks himself away from mankind, totally divorced from all that so-called civilisation has to offer. He goes into deep samadhi in order to gain enlightenment.

“But there is another kind of Buddha. That kind of person who could do this quite easily but will not because he must work as an apparently ordinary man among other ordinary men.

“Of the two, it is the second kind of Buddha which is the greatest.

“Because the first has to learn the lesson of service. No matter who he is. No matter how many “Shris” he’s got before his name or doctors or professorships – it makes no difference at all – this is the great lesson to be learned in these days.

Planetary Ones know this.

“In fact, if they didn’t know it they wouldn’t even be on Earth among us helping and working and doing their particular job.”

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