The true love of beings from other planets

by Oct 11, 2017

In this week’s lecture extract, Dr. George King talks about the great living examples of unconditional love who have sacrificed more than we could possibly imagine to live among us and lead us towards God-realization.

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Thrice Blessed–aye, seven times Blessed–and seven again–are these Ones, for such sacrifice as this can only come from the hearts of the Cosmic Lovers.

“People like Buddha, like Jesus Himself, like Patanjali, Lao Tse, I-Ching. All these great Masters, Masters of great wisdom, gave up their planetary bliss, in some cases, came down to Earth to live among men of Earth. To teach men of Earth. To spread their great all-embracing love throughout the Earth. Oh my heavens, how this word is kicked around isn’t it. It’s kicked around worse than a football on a dirty muddy pitch.

They love not any man–because they love ALL.

“They do not give their love completely to any one person because they’ve made the sacrifice for all people. They’re pouring out their love, in one way or another, to all people.

“By giving them the right teachings, by spreading light, by spreading wisdom, by giving healing. In one of a thousand ways these people do it.

“Some of you do it. In one of a thousand ways you do it. You don’t talk about it. You work quietly. Work behind the scenes. But you do it.

“If you weren’t there, people would miss you. That’s the point.”

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