The secret of real success

by Apr 3, 2019

The Master Jesus was an extremely advanced extraterrestrial intelligence, who came to Earth to give us essential help in our journey through experience.

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King uses the life of the Master Jesus to illustrate for our benefit the very essence of real success.

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“You have to be determined and single minded and devoted to a single cause in order to succeed.

“And if you want the very essence of success, that is it!

“From a purely material point of view, remember that one sentence, and in a year’s time you can double, treble, triple, quadruple your present financial position – if that’s what you want. And personally, if that is what you want, I say that it’s a very low ambition.

“Remember that single sentence.

“Remember the devotion of Jesus to a single cause—not to two causes, but to one—that was: the Mission at hand.

“Remember this, and in a year’s time you can, if you wish to, become much more enlightened than you are now.

“In a year’s time, you can gain psychic powers if you want them—the powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and so on—should you want these.

“If you are devoted to a single cause, a single path into spirituality—not two—one, in a year’s time or less you can have great enlightenment and you can begin to spread this to others.

“I think one of the foremost secrets of Jesus was this determined devotion to a single cause—not two—one—to one entity—not two, or three, or four.

“Some of you who will hear me are already splitting your energies up between this church and that approach, and some other approach and you will never be successful at any of them—you will never be successful.

“If I could make a single prophecy I can make that one, and in a year’s time if I’m incorrect, come up and tell me so. I know you won’t have to.

“Jesus demonstrated this for you – all the time. Every single move this man made was with the main Mission in view.

“And here we have a very brilliant Intelligence, not a baby-patting milksop, but a brilliant, almost cunning intelligence working towards a pre-determined end. Not somebody out to catch as many little fish as possible, but the one big one.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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