The boat on an ocean – an analogy for karma

by Mar 28, 2019

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King gives us an analogy for this classroom, which we call Earth, and what we can do to best help ourselves to learn our lessons through experience here – so that we can get to the next classroom, the lifecycle of another planet in this solar system. 

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“If you were to regard yourself as a boat on an ocean, the ocean that you use, upon which to make your journey is karma. The wind which is blowing to help you, or hinder you, on your journey is karma. The boat is you, and the intelligence you use to guide that boat is also you.

“Now, you can do one of two things. If you have learned your lessons correctly in previous lives, you will know how to trim your sails so as to make the best possible use of every wind, whether it be a howling gale or even a light zephyr, and you can steer your boat from point A to point B, your predetermined destination.

“But if you are too lazy or too indolent; if through past experiences you have put a mental block upon yourself so that you are incapable or even too lazy to steer your boat, then what happens? You are at the mercy of the karmic winds and the karmic currents and the waves dash over you making your journey very slow, very tedious and very unpleasant.

“If on the other hand, you have gained the experience. If you have read your charts correctly; charts given by Jesus, Buddha, Sankara, Krishna, the Bhagavad Gita etc etc etc – in modern times, the latest Bible: The Nine Freedoms. If you have read these charts correctly, and have learned from them, they have told you how to steer your boat, how to trim your sails, so that you can get to your predetermined destination, wherever that may be. And I think this little illustration should give you an idea of karma.

“Now, negative karma is being in the position of being blown around hither and yon by the wind without you being able, without you exerting the necessary energy, to pull that boat back on to course again; pull yourself back on to course again, so that you can use everything that the Law gives you. When you use everything that the law gives you, you go to the stars. When you do not use what the Law gives you, you reincarnate again and again and again and again until you pass an examination which is a very practical examination, which allows you to go into the next classroom.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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