What is karma?

by Mar 13, 2019

We know that the universe operates according to scientific laws. This is obvious and widely accepted in the modern world. The mistake that people often make is that they think that karma, if it exists at all, is some strange magical thing that is somehow miraculously superimposed on top of these scientific laws – totally different from them.

According to Master of Yoga Dr George King, karma is in fact the very axis of how the universe works in every single way.

Full lecture available here: https://www.aetherius.org/shop/karma-and-reincarnation-3/

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“First of all, I’d like to say that karma, I think as you all know, is the name given to the Law.

“And, this is the Law which is God.

“Not necessarily made by God, or written by God, or enforced by God, but an essential part of the governing system.  

“Without the Law of Karma there could not be creation as we know it. Creation would have to take a different form. Karma, then, is before the effect. You can’t have a law that is any good after the effect. The Law must be before the effect, and the effect of this Law is the whole of creation as we know it.

“Now these thoughts are not terrestrial thoughts. They are thoughts which come from higher sources. Terrestrials [people on this planet] couldn’t think in this way, unless the thought was introduced originally from a source higher than this Earth.

“We might think we know about creation. Some of us might kid ourselves that we know about creation. But we do not really. But, there are people in this universe that do.

“And always, throughout the history of this planet, or at least the people on this planet, and throughout the history of all other peoples, according to research, the Law has been stated.

“In other words, no humanoid, or non-humanoid intelligent form is ever left without a statement of the Law. And of the most important statements of the Law refers to the Law of Karma.

“So, we regard it as a cause, if you like, before the effect, and everything else that you see is the effect, or in other words, a work of God rather than the potential Itself.

“But this does not mean to say that it cannot be easily understood, because the Law of Karma, as stated to this Earth for instance, is very easily understood.

“I think a lot of writers have made mistakes in the past by being far too verbose about this. By trying to complicate it.

“You could give this lecture in about two minutes if everybody was capable of further meditation on it, and simply state that the Law of Karma is the law of cause and effect.

“That it is: action and reaction being opposite and equal. And that is it.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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