Occult revelations about meditation

by Nov 7, 2018

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King makes even more occult revelations about the elevated state of consciousness he regarded as true meditation, known as samadhi.

These revelations are the priceless fruits of his own experience in this state – a state which is unbelievably rare on Earth.

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“Now, meditation.

“Although contemplation is quite a long step for man to take, meditation is a very, very much longer one.

“In these practices of concentration you begin to make the great power of kundalini rise. You begin to make the power of kundalini rise, maybe gently and slowly, which is the safest way to do it, by the way, up the spine and rise to a higher psychic centre.

“In contemplation you make the kundalini rise to a higher psychic centre still, to the Solar Plexus Centre and even a little kundalini up to the Heart Centre.

“But in meditation you have to bring kundalini right up to, at least, the Throat Centre.

“Now, you will not see this written in books, so please take particular notice because it will become valuable to you, if not in this life, in the next.

“When kundalini begins to manifest in the Heart Centre one begins then to appreciate, or to get into, the deeper states of meditation.

“When it begins to manifest in the Throat Centre and, of course the Centre here, the Christ Centre as we have called it (we do not want to use Hindu terminology – Sanskrit terminology – so we use English), the Christ Centre. When it begins to manifest there you can then enter into the deepest state of meditation, a deep trance state that you might stay in for a long time, or fractions of a second.

“From a purely physical point of view, in a meditative state the person who is meditating enters into a deep trance state; naturally, of course, unable to walk because kundalini has left the lower centres, and so has the energy (left the lower centres), and is manifesting above the heart. Some of it even in the Heart Centre, but certainly the majority of it above the Heart Centre, and one enters a state of immobility of body and gradually, gradually, one enters a state of immobility of mind too.

“Certainly, first of all, the state of immobility of body is most noticeable. One does not walk; cannot walk.

“One enters into this deep state of trance. The heart itself stops functioning, or the beats might be just imperceptible, but rigour mortis will not set in because the higher kundalini goes, and even if you raise kundalini in its absolute entirety, entering the deepest state of trance possible to all mankind, still rigour mortis will not set in, because always you leave a band of heat around the top of the head here. Not here, but around the top of the head here. There is a band of heat which will keep the blood warm enough to stop rigour mortis.

“So, from a physical point of view, one does not die. One enters a deathlike state without dying. It is conscious death.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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