How to make time for your spiritual practices

by Jul 13, 2017

King Yoga can be your path to Enlightenment. It teaches us to reach outwards in service, upwards to Truth, and inwards to the God-Spark within.

Service to others is the most important aspect of all spirituality, but Truth and the dawning realization of what we really are will help us to become better in our service, whatever it is that we do to help others.

Anyone who has tried knows that making time on a daily basis for your spiritual practices is a challenge we all struggle to overcome, but it is possible. So if you have become discouraged, know that you can succeed!

In this week’s video, Aetherius Society Minister Noémi Perkin and Minister-Elect Zascha Brésilley talk about getting started – or starting again – staying motivated and creating a simple, balanced program that you can enjoy.

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[Zascha] There’s an extract somewhere – not quite sure where – in our teachings where Dr. George King says that a lot of people use the excuse of not having time. And he actually breaks down the time we have during the day, and actually we do have the time it’s just what we prioritize isn’t it?

[Noémi] It’s so difficult…Anyone who’s been doing… I mean I’ve been doing practices for many years, and I think the secret is to do it on a daily basis.

So, if people would like to start doing something, starting now, from the beginning, “What should I do and how should I go about that?” my advice would be to start gradually. Even if you just do 10 or 15 minutes a day, but do it every single day. It’s much better than doing half an hour or an hour of spiritual practice a day and leaving it for a week. That’s the key. That’s the key. This continuity. And that’s very, very important.

And here again, I mean we don’t like change – I mean, not everyone likes change, let’s just say that… and, although our Higher Self would love to be bathed in spiritual power, our lower self does not particularly like that. So it will try to put up certain barriers and very clever ones as well. “Oh, I’ve been so good today, I’ve done my practices, maybe tomorrow I can have a day off?” Or “I’ll treat myself to a day off…”. Or, “Today I’m going to watch my favourite program,” or “I’d rather go for a walk, that’s good for me as well…”. And things like that…. I think the trick is that: “No, I’ve set out to do my practices today, and I will do them, because I am the Master of my mind and body.”

It’s a wonderful affirmation that we can all do. And you’re trying to show your lower self who is the boss. And I think then you’ll train yourself.

It will become easier, definitely, as time goes on to do our practices and we’ll enjoy them much more.

I think the secret is not to make it a chore but try to enjoy it.

And, the best thing with spiritual practices is to do them at the same time every day if we can. And the reason for that is because of prana. They’re five major and five minor pranas flowing in 32 minute intervals, and the main source of the prana is the Sun. It comes from, in fact through, the Sun. And so if we do our spiritual practices at the same time every day we’ll get a nice balance of pranas that will get through.

[Zascha] So approximately it takes you about an hour or so, your program?

[Noémi] It depends… I’ve got my basics. I definitely do my yoga breathing every day and my mantra. And the wonderful Twelve Blessings. I think it’s such a beautiful balance, The Twelve Blessings, which is a beautiful set of prayers. And also it’s a practice given by the Master Jesus, while Dr. King was in a deep samadhic trance condition.

And, as you know, we do them every Sunday at 5:30pm (British Time) and you can tune in – it’s wonderful. And what’s interesting about that is that I take the online Twelve Blessings services in the chapel where they were given, but also I’ve experienced what it’s like to do it from the comfort of my home tuning in online, and it’s so powerful. I was amazed how powerful it is.

[Zascha] And what’s your sort of quick version of practices if you’re in a rush? Would you just do the breathing? What would be your main thing?

[Noémi] Well, I think it’s a great way to start. If anyone would like to take on anything, it’s the breathing exercises. Yes, definitely. Because they’re just wonderful. And it will not only make you more dynamic, more attuned… But it also will make your physical health better. And if you do get ill you’ll recover much quicker. I’ve noticed that as well. What’s interesting about breathing is that I always used to have a blocked up nose… Not constantly but quite often my nostrils would block up, or when I had a cold I used to quite suffer with that. And, just by doing the breathing exercises, now I don’t.

[Zascha] It’s like you trained yourself through the breathing. It’s incredible, isn’t it? I’ve found that as well, actually, it’s quite interesting. So it’s kind of like in the beginning just kind of pushing yourself, but in a gentle way encourage yourself, “I’m going to do them” and do them, and then you start freeing yourself of these limitations as it were.

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