Do not limit your greater abilities

by Apr 11, 2019

When the Master Jesus came to herald in the Piscean Age some 2,000 years ago, he came as a Master of Love – a shining example of true, unconditional love, which still inspires us today. 

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King, talks about what you can do to realize your greater abilities. 

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“He had the ability to Love—impersonally.

“Now this is rare. You might not think so, but this is rare.

“Ordinary man loves in a personal manner. He cannot begin to understand impersonal love. To him it is something strange, something almost weird, something above him somewhere.

“It’s a secret of success. When one becomes personally involved with personalities, one becomes limited.

“The less personal you can be, the greater can be your capacity.

“May I illustrate it in this way? If a great healer was to come in here now—and probably we might even have one—he could do one of two things: He could either spend half an hour of his valuable time giving healing to two people out of this audience, or, spend half an hour of the same time, in the same manner, sending healing out to all the world, which could possibly be picked-up by fifty to a hundred or even a thousand people according to their Karma at the moment.

“One is a personal approach; the other is an impersonal approach. You might ask: Do we ever have to have the personal approach? Yes, we do, but we should not let this limit our greater abilities.

“In the Aetherius Society we have the impersonal approach—thinking about not America, or Britain, or France, or Russia, or China, but the world as a whole…”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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