Being wise – not clever

by Jun 30, 2018

Extraordinary though Adepts are in comparison with the rest of us, even they too still have their lessons to learn.

In this week’s extract is a short story by Master of Yoga Dr George King with an important lesson for us all. This story illustrates the many lives of difference between true wisdom on the one hand, and psychic powers on the other.

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“You may remember the story about the Adept who could walk across the water and it took him 25 years to learn this but he did not know anything else.

“He was told by a Master to go out and devote his life in service and teaching and so on, which of course, he saw how wrong he had been and away off he went.

“To walk on the water is relatively simple. There is nothing great about this at all. It takes 10 or 15 years discipline. That’s all. There’s nothing great about it.

“The job I do is 5000 times this great. Operation Starlight will make walking on the water look like kids’ play. No argument about this. For another million years I have left 18 charged mountains on Earth. So I walk on the water. What have I left? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

“So, some Adepts are clever but not wise. This is a lesson they will have to learn.

“Remember the great challenge that one of the Cosmic Masters threw into the other realms? He says: those people who cut themselves off and try to deny the suffering of mankind, while they themselves are advancing themselves, are fools. “Come Ye Forth!” If they don’t come forth now they will have to come forth in the near future if it takes them 10 lives to learn it.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

Note: An Adept is someone who can raise the Kundalini in full to the throat center.
Note: A Master is someone who can raise the Kundalini in full to the Christ center (3rd eye).

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