Adeptship and the higher planes

by Jun 19, 2018

We are not alone – even on Earth!

There are other planes of existence around Earth that are teeming with life.

According to Master of Yoga Dr George King, there are four planes lower than this physical plane and six planes higher. They are themselves “physical” at their own level, and all of them are in fact right here, occupying the same space, though vibrating at a different frequency.

In this week’s extract Dr King talks about the higher planes – home to great Adepts and Masters.

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“When we start talking about the higher planes we have a slightly different picture.

“First of all, we must remember again that these realms are physical, just as physical as this earth. In fact it’s true to say, in one way, they are even more physical.

“The atoms of substance are closer together. This makes them more physical, in one way, even though the material which they are built out of is more subtle. It’s a strange enigma that – nevertheless, true.

“So we have people gain experience until gradually they reach the stage of Adeptship.

“Adeptship of course is brought about through the control of mental faculties, through concentration, contemplation and meditation.

“And when a person can bring on the true state of meditation at will, he is then becoming an Adept.

“When he begins to gain control over some of the psychic forces, at will, he then becomes an Adept.

“He becomes an Adept on this earth, and when he passes on again, through death, he goes to higher realms still. The higher mental realms, as some people call them, are then open to him.

“Now, the strange part about it is that the further up the ladder you get, the longer you stay on these planes.

“As above, so below. The greater black magician you are, the longer you can stay on the lower planes, and the greater white magician you are, the longer you can stay on the subtle plane. This is a fact. A strange one but nevertheless true. You get people like Chang Fu, for instance, who has been there for 2000 odd years on the higher planes.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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