Contacting a Master on another realm

by Jun 19, 2018

Contacting a Master directly on another realm is an extremely rare occurrence and takes a medium of extraordinary calibre.

However, these Masters have other means of impressing their influence upon the physical realm in order to teach and help humanity to evolve.

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King talks about this essential interchange between the realms on Earth.

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“There are not many people on this earth at the present time advanced enough to directly contact a Master, but they can contact a Master by proxy, as it were.

“In other words, contact their guide who contacts a higher guide who contacts a higher guide who contacts the Master.

“You have information put down from point X, the Master, through a lower source, a lower source, a lower source, a lower source and into and through the human being on this earth.

“You have a lot of distortion like this, naturally, and a lot of interference but it is better to have distortion and interference than no teaching at all. This is how a lot of it is done.

“When a lot of these mediums claim to be in contact with this, that or the other, what may be happening is that they have a chain of contact through their guide and another and another and another and far, far away, is the point from where the information is coming. This may be happening. We have known this to happen in some cases we have investigated in the early 1950s. So then you can see that the Masters do teach on all these planes, all the way down through the gamut.

“If an earth person has done a minimum of 10 years yoga very, very seriously, has controlled sex very, very seriously and has had certain experiences in previous lives, rather highly elevated ones, gone through certain initiations on this earth, they can contact a Master direct, either through trance or consciously. They can even travel on to some of these realms…”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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