You too can really shine

by Apr 7, 2018

You too can become a shining spiritual light and help lead others to their own Spiritual Enlightenment!

In this week’s video extract from his commentary on the Eleventh Blessing, Master of Yoga Dr George King talks about the way in which you gradually transform yourself when you practice The Twelve Blessings regularly in the right way…

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“Everybody who practices the Twelve Blessings regularly, and practices them with devotion and so on, as they should be practiced – all those people must virtually shine among men.

“They must in one way or another.

“They will have something about them.

“That ‘something’ about them will be a vibration, a power, which some other people just don’t have.

“It must be so because you’re sending out these beams of energy and back comes an energy to you which you are bound to get, bound to get, another energy and power which you dispense, which men can see.

“You have a light about you.

“You must have this. It’s one of those things. Must be so.

“And if you do this you will be ‘Greater by far than a King’, of course.

“‘Stronger than an Emperor …’, oh yes. An emperor couldn’t conquer you. You could easily defeat an army. Easily. Might take two lives, but you would win. Not might win, would win.

“‘… as Wise as an Oracle …’. Wisdom must come by sending out beams of energy to all these different sources and receiving energy back. It must come. It won’t come overnight. It won’t come immediately, but it’ll come.

“‘… as Gentle as a Lamb … ‘. Those people who have power are people who do not use it, save in the right way, ‘… – when you do this.'”

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