What you can do to heal the world!

by Sep 14, 2017

The Aetherius Society is devoted to helping others and has been extremely active in the last month sending out spiritual energy to crises worldwide. Thank you to all of you who have been tuning in online and doing your own Twelve Blessings services too!

In this week’s video Richard Lawrence (international bestselling author and Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society for Europe) talks about the amazing opportunities you have to help heal and uplift our world with spiritual energy!

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It’s been an unprecedented time I think this month in terms of the number of disaster situations of different kinds that The Aetherius Society, which is really a commando force, has been responding to through the output of spiritual energy – including through our online services, of course.

We’ve been responding to the Korean peninsula crisis, potentially devastatingly dangerous; the situation in India with the awful flooding – the worst for years. There was some terrible flooding in Texas earlier. And then of course in the Caribbean with those hurricanes, and now heading towards America. We’ve been responding to the Burma, or Myanmar, situation, both with Operation Prayer Power and with our Spiritual Energy Radiator “runs”, and of course the Mexican earthquake.

What do we actually do? How does it work? We operate on various levels.

Global healing prayer at one our centers
So, we have services. If you are anywhere near one of our branches or groups or our headquarters, then you can go along to the services there and they will be joining together and often targeting a specific area and sending prayer energy out to that particular problem.

Spritiual Energy sent out through our special equipment
Then also we have I think probably the most powerful aspect, or certainly the most powerful aspect I should say, of it is the Mission activity, which is through our Spiritual Energy Radiators, and being a Spiritual Push, which we are now in, we have regular “runs” anyway. So added to the extra, what we call, “Spiritual Energy Radiator runs”, I think on Friday – last Friday – over 50,000 prayer hours (that’s the equivalent of one person praying for an hour) was sent out through this apparatus, through the Missions.

Twelve Blessing services at home, in a group or online
But also vitally important are individuals sending out their prayer; practicing The Twelve Blessings because as well as an energy effort it’s a karmic effort and no matter how small we might consider our contribution, please, please don’t underestimate it.

If you are sending out prayer, if you’re in a group and you send out prayer, if you join in with our online services, you’re part of this whole, what I would call, karma magic, which is helping to bring peace, to bring freedom, to bring stabilization to various weather conditions, to our planet. And there have been some indications of possible results but of course there’s far, far more to do.

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