The sacred power of mantra

by Aug 3, 2017

Mantra – the spiritual science of sacred sound – is one of the most powerful practices anyone can perform.

In this week’s video, Aetherius Society Minister Noémi Perkin and Minister-Elect Zascha Brésilley talk about the sacred power of mantra, which you can make a part of your regular spiritual practice.

By chanting a holy mantra, the sound itself causes a spiritualizing effect throughout our whole being – making us wiser, purer, more psychic and better channels for healing energy.

Timeless, mystical, inspirational – and life-changing – a true mantra is so sacred that it can only be given by initiation from a genuine Master of mantra yoga, within whom the mantra “lives”.

Dr. George King was indeed such a Master. He recorded an Initiation so that you could be initiated into 11 mantras for your personal use in spiritual development and, most important of all, service to others.

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[Noémi] What I find with doing mantra – and I tend to do it about 20 minutes a day – is that it makes you much more dynamic; gives you more power; more energy.

It’s in sanskrit and it’s an ancient sound. And so how it is pronounced is the key. It’s very spiritual, highly elevating… Again, when you chant mantra, you’re drawing prana to yourself. You’re drawing spiritual power to yourself. You’re drawing high inspiration into yourself. Again, it starts activating all of your chakras. And also it will bring on higher states, I would say. You become a more inspired individual.

In the book, Realize Your Inner Potential, you have these practices put together by someone who practiced them himself. And he knew they would work for ordinary people like you and I. And they really do.

The mantras I mentioned previously, again, he was a Master of YogaThe mantra really should only be passed on by a Master, because you’re receiving also a certain power with it as well. And there is a certain law around mantra, that it must be received from a Master – a true Master. That means that the mantra lives within that individual; they know what it means. They know that mantra. They really do. And so they can pass it on to you; to someone else. But you shouldn’t pass it on to anyone else until it lives within you.

So there’s a law around mantra as well, and should it be treated with great respect and reverence because it’s very, very powerful. So mantra is a wonderful thing to do. And highly spiritual as well.

It’s good to do for healing; to send out healing to people. When we talk about service, we’re trying to help other people. It’s a human thing to do, isn’t it? How can we help other people? We can help other people through giving donations, through charitable work, voluntary work, and we can help people by sending out spiritual power.

How can we help other people? We can help other people through giving donations, through charitable work, voluntary work, and we can help people by sending out spiritual power.

Spiritual energy will change your whole being. It will change the mind belt of this Earth. There’s so much negativity. We need to inject some positivity into the world. And that’s what we’re trying to do through healing; through prayer.

You’re praying to the Divine; to a higher source; higher than we are. You’re praying to God, Brahma or whatever your religious belief might be. You’re praying to that Divine Source. So you’ll receive power; spiritual energy, so that you can send it out in healing and upliftment to the world.

[Zascha] I think that’s the uniqueness or the difference between the set of spiritual practices in the Realize Your Inner Potential book compared to other spiritual practices. It’s a whole system which is very balanced and, like you say, safe, but that incorporates that very important ingredient of service to others.

This series features Alyson Lawrence, An International Director of The Aetherius Society and a Priest in the Aetherius Churches.

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